25 Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging for Beginners

25 Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging for Beginners so you want to learn how to make money blogging for beginners well I’m going to show you 25 ways that bloggers and make money online

yeah that’s right blogging has become the sleeping giant in the online marketing world gone are the days of mass email marketing where almost every email open was a sale now those

percentages are squeezed down to 1 to 2 percent conversions in today’s world money-making opportunities are now provided via great content and content marketing is the new industry buzzword so here are the 25 best ways for you to earn a living from your blog join a display advertising program

join a display advertising program

so when you start your blog the easiest way to make money is to join a display advertising program and the most common one you’ll know is Adsense so your job is to find the traffic and

then you place ad cells on your blog and Adsense will share in the revenue every time somebody clicks on one of your ads use an affiliate advertising program

affiliate advertising program

now advertising affiliate programs are another way to make money on your blog now you’ve probably heard of Amazon and the Amazon Associates program is that one you want to join fairly early on and then you can promote products on your blog and earn a small Commission each time you make a sale

join an affiliate advertising network

well this one’s a little bit different in that an affiliate
advertising network is like a big mall shopping program where there’s a number of different affiliate advertisers under the one roof and it’s another way to earn affiliate revenue and

get paid for promoted posts

yeah that’s right when you’ve established your blog people will actually pay you to promote their own blogs and we call this promoted posts but if you like this way to earn money from your blog’s well just make sure you do a full disclosure so people know what they’re reading

sell ad space to niche advertisers

sell ad space to niche advertisers well a similar to the display advertising program you can actually sell ad space directly

advertises yourself and this is especially true if your blog is in a niche it’s a little bit more work but you get all the profits create and sell your merchandise

create and sell your merchandise

now when you’re a rock star blogger people will actually want some merchandise from you so you can actually create your own merchandise and promote your brand and having the blog doing the selling for you

is a great way to make money become a professional blogger well isn’t that what you’re doing already well not quite a professional blogger is actually someone that can actually write for

other blogs so you’re actually a professional writer and you actually write on a different number of company blogs join a blog network or start your own now a blog network

includes several blogs that publish under one a large brand or company so you could get a few blogger friends together and push out more content which usually impresses the search

engines because your content is being updated more regularly just ask for donations now this is an interesting way to make money from your blog

but it’s totally doable and people have used PayPal donation buttons and also join patreon so that’s also a plus – so if people like your content

and you don’t have ads well maybe people are prepared to pay a little bit to keep you online leverage your newsletter

yeah that’s right when you start a blog one of the things you should do is actually start a newsletter but of course you need to be able to update that on a regular basis but it’s a great

way to earn extra money from your blog because a newsletter is a great lead generator and when you’ve got something to sell well a newsletter will help you sell more

sell a guest posting services

sell a guest posting services so once you reach a certain Authority in the blogging space you can actually

sell guest posting and this is where the blog owner charges a guest poster a fixed fee for accessing their reader network generate premium content now as a blogger you’re essentially providing free content but you can make a little bit of extra money from your blog by generating
‘i’m content now this is content that is locked away behind a paywall and I wouldn’t recommend having more than 10 or 20% of your content generated this way right and sell an e-book well as a blogger you’ve probably already written enough words to create an e-book and an e-book it’s not something you have to put a lot of time into so once you have established yourself as an expert in your blog’s niche well there’s a good chance that people want to read more from you
so consider creating a specialized ebook and offering that for sale on your blog write and sell a book

write and sell a book

yes so you’ve dip your toe in the water with an e-book why not go all out and write an actual book and now you can use print on demand services so the ebooks only get printed or once people actually buy them but it’s another way that you can make money on your blog build and sell a wordpress plugins now this one’s a little bit more specialized but as a wordpress user you might have come across a problem that needs solving

and you might pay to get that problem solved but did you know that you could then on sell that WordPress plugin and make a little bit of extra money on the side well it’s not for everyone and you might not have the skills to make a plug-in

but you can certainly outsource that work sell audio books or a podcast now let’s face it not everyone reads and some people need to use screen readers which are a little

robotic sounding so consider turning your blog into an audio book or a podcast it’s probably not as hard as it sounds and it’s another way to generate a little bit of extra revenue improve leads for a real job

improve leads for a real job

now as a blogger you’re developing your authority online but did you know that that authority can also help you get a real job so if you had aspirations as a writer well being able to use your blog as a reference is a great job lead create a job

board now depending on the type of niche you’re in and the amount of traffic you have you might be able to create a job board and charge people for advertising on your blog and it’s a win-win because your readers will come back to your site looking as

Pacific rolls and your advertisers will appreciate finding quality leads use your writing skills to go freelance so blogging is a great way to help you polish your writing skills which can be used in other writing assignments such as a freelance writing become a public speaker

become a public speaker

now if you choose your blog niche carefully you could end up on the speaking circuit
talking about the very things you’re passionate about and if you persist long enough industry will see you as an authority in your space and this could lead to other speaking opportunities

develop your own sponsored events so now we’re getting into the big-ticket stuff here but as you build your audience you can consider

creating sponsored events and if you target the event around the niche that you blog about it’s going to be a lot easier to put bums on seats just start small and a work up from there

become a consultant or coach so if you become an expert in your field over a period of time well then you can start consulting or even coaching other people to do the same and it’s great way to make a little bit of extra money from your blog develop a training course

develop a training course

so again we’re getting into higher level stuff here but if you’ve been blogging long enough and you built a solid audience well you could actually create a training course on a site like lynda.com udemy or Skillshare and then you can actually earn a little bit of extra revenue that way too

community-based subscription service so if you don’t want to create a course on a third-party site you could actually create your own subscription service and that could actually be linked directly on your blog now people pay a little bit of a premium but you can give them expert advice and help along the way and the final way to make money blogging is to build blogs and then sell them it’s just like any other business well once you build the business up it has some value and as somebody else might like access to your audience so you can leverage all the tips and tricks you’ve learned over the years of blogging to develop and build other blogs with a vision to see
them on to prospective buyers and if you don’t want to start these blocks from scratch well then you can buy existing blog so that are no longer being maintained but already have a small audience so that’s my 25 ways to make money blogging there’s still plenty of opportunity to make money in the blogging world but the important thing is to get started today and start building your audience and getting traffic to your site because all of these ways really depend on having a blog with traffic but we’ll 

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