5 BEST Money Making Apps Using ONLY a Phone (2020)

money making apps

five money making apps that you can use to make money online literally this year this month

this week even as soon as today in this article we’re gonna be cutting through all of the noise and get rid of all the scam apps all the apps

that are trying to waste your time and all the apps that don’t actually pay you and we’re gonna

be talking about the top five literally counting down from the fifth all the way down to at the number one best app that you can use to make money online just with this little guy right here

using your cell phone and after doing a lot of research and a lot of testing and going through review sites

and googling and looking at all of the different and best apps from all around the internet

we have decided on the top five most legit that you can actually get paid directly to your account using just your cell phone

so one of the most common questions that I get from all of you beautiful a million plus subscribers is Kevin how can I make money online at this year this month today using just my cell phone

and you know the more I thought about it the more it started to make sense our phone is something we literally carry with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week probably

if you’re like me that you use a little bit too often wasting a bunch of time browsing on

Instagram and so it makes a lot of sense to actually start using this little phone to make us some money

if we’re gonna always have it with us and to start off our countdown we’re gonna start with number 5 and countdown all the way to the number 1 best app with the v app being called folk

Money Making Apps is Folk

money making apps

now they probably did need some help in naming that app because it’s kind of a strange name but the app idea is actually pretty cool essentially

what you do is you take pictures with your cell phone like millions of us actually do for free but

this time you actually get paid for your work and if you’re thinking yourself with Kevin why

would someone you want to pay me for pictures I take on my cell phone well there’s thousands if not millions of companies out there

that actually need photos right they need product photos they need photos you know of landscapes or beautiful sunsets for bikini or sunglasses companies or all types of different things

I mean you can actually go onto folk and you can see what types of pictures are selling you can see that folk actually gives you a 50% of the profit for each photograph

that you sell many images actually sell for as much as ten dollars even for a single image you can also take advantage of things called missions

where brands will actually pay hundreds of dollars even for just a single photo so if you like

taking photos I suggest checking folk out

after the video of course where you can actually see what type of photos are selling to these brands to these people to these companies so that you can actually

start taking similar photos upload them yourself and who knows if you have a passion or a knack for photography

you could start making money just by uploading pictures from your phone top number four is called a field agent Join

Field Agent – Money Earning App

money making apps

now a field agent is a really unique idea as well essentially what field agent does is you become an actual shopper or an advocate on behalf of certain

brands who have their products featured in stores around the country but don’t have enough

people to actually see how their brands are represented in those stores on the shelves to make sure that they’re actually represented the way

that they want to be at these department stores or grocery stores and essentially

how it works is paid for your opinions for your reviews and for your photographs of products and services of thousands of different brands all around the country

once you download field agent you can see that you can actually see a map of all the different available jobs and then you can choose which jobs you’re interested in and then you can

actually go to those jobs and start doing exactly what they say very simple tasks like taking a photograph of a box of cereal at a grocery store

I know that sounds strange but brands want to make sure that their products are represented

the way that they’re told they’re being represented at these grocery stores and they’re willing to pay everyday people like you to actually do these very simple jobs or tasks for them now

generally these jobs pay anywhere from three to twelve dollars per job depending on how difficult it is but the cool thing is these jobs

generally only take between ten and fifteen minutes to actually accomplish you can sometimes do multiple different jobs in the same hour and

there’s also multiple different field agent style apps that you can download

and I suggest if you really want to make the most of it that you download all of the different apps similar to field agent and then actually take all the available jobs in your area

so that you can earn the maximum actual amount possible doing these types of simple jobs number three is called dosh

Dosh Money Making App

money making apps

now dosh has been growing like crazy recently and the reason it’s been growing like crazy is because it works and people love it essentially what dosh is is it’s called a cash back app

you actually link your debit or credit card to and you get paid cash back that you wouldn’t otherwise get for purchases that you’re already making anyway

you can earn up to ten percent cashback per purchase from stores that you’re probably already going to and already probably shopping at anyways

and these include popular retailers like Sephora Dunkin Donuts Sam’s Club a Pizza Hut and so many more they

also have a very very enticing affiliate program right so the more people that you actually get to sign up for Dasch under your affiliate link the more money

you can make you can actually make up to $5 per referral of a new member that signs up to dosh so if you or your friends or your family members

actually go out and spend a lot of money at these retailers right it probably makes sense for them to sign up to dosh anyway and you can actually get paid to refer people the dosh as well number two is called Google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

money making apps

and the cool thing about Google opinion rewards is it’s from Google right so you know that it’s 100% legit and you know exactly what you’re gonna get out of it

before you actually go in and you can see that the Google opinion rewards app has over 1.7 million reviews with over a four star rating right so you know that other people out there are

taking advantage of the Google opinion rewards app and they’re making money to do it now are you going to get rich with this app or any of the other apps absolutely

not right but this is a good way if you have a lot of time or you know you just want to start making any money at all or you just have extra time on your phone right to make some money

that you can then reinvest into a more scalable actual option to make money online such as high income skills including ecommerce social media marketing

and things like that but essentially how Google opinion rewards works is Google will pay you to answer basic surveys that companies pay

them to actually get their users to answer for them right and so for example a company might be curious about how you use your computer

or what type of barbecue sauces you like the most right and they’ll actually pay Google to facilitate that survey on their behalf and then Google will give you a portion

of that money to actually be the person filling it out now are you gonna be able to make a full time living with Google opinion

rewards probably not but it is a good way to start making a couple extra bucks just in your free time so you can start building up

that capital that you can then reinvest into yourself into other means to actually make money

online and the number one money making app

that you can use to start making money online with no pre-existing skills and you can do this entirely working from home just using your phone

we will get to in a second but I do want to give a huge thank you and a huge genuine

shout-out to all of you beautiful people who do choose to watch these videos who do choose to tap the subscribe button who do choose to actually make that little like button turn blue it really doesn’t mean a lot to me to know that

you guys are watching my content when there’s so many other people out there creating videos but you guys choose to watch me and so it means a lot to me and I

really do love every single one of you guys who actually comes and shows up and watches all these videos from the start to the end and comments and really engages because it means everything to me you guys changed my life and so I just wanted to give you guys a massive

massive genuine thank you from the bottom of my heart I don’t know what I would do without you guys and something that’s important to remember is this stuff takes time if you’re out there and you feel like you’re just spinning your

wheels and you’re working hard but no actual progress is being made you have to understand that there comes a certain point where you have to stop learning and start doing right and I don’t mean stop learning for the rest of your life but it’s very easy to just go on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook and watch entrepreneurs like me or Gary Vee or you know any other

entrepreneur just over and over again just consuming all this content but you want to be a creator right you want to be somebody who is actually starting an e-commerce business or or using these apps or creating a youtube video or just doing something right

and when you change yourself from a consumer to a creator where you’re creating value you’re creating your own business right that’s how you start to

make progress so just the last little note for you guys be patient stick with it trust the process be

consistent and you will have results I promise you remember

guys a few years ago I was working as an accountant making you know a few thousand dollars a year and now you know I’m living in my dream house because of consistency and if I can do it a below-average accountant then you can wherever

you are if you’re watching on your phone if you’re in another country if you’re in the USA Canada it doesn’t matter if you’re watching this right now you can do it too but it has to start up here right you have to believe in yourself and you have to believe that you can do it because if you don’t then you can he who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t are both usually right and so without further ado the number one app to start making money online using just your cell phone is called TaskRabbit

Money Making App – TaskRabbit

money making apps

now TaskRabbit is actually an app that I myself have used and actually hired people off of because I move around a lot you know I don’t really like

doing things at the house like fixing plumbing or little stuff around the house and so you can

actually hire people on TaskRabbit to help you move your furniture or help you you know fix things around the house or to help you do any number of tasks

out there on that you just personally either can’t do yourself

or don’t want to do yourself and this is really cool because you don’t need any pre-existing skills you can sign up entirely from your phone and you can actually earn a pretty

close to if not a full-time income just using TaskRabbit just from your phone especially if you live in a larger city and if you live internationally

and maybe they don’t have TaskRabbit I bet you that they have a similar app so just if you ever

can’t find these apps in the country that you live just google search similar app to TaskRabbit in the name of your country because we get so many

comments saying Kevin does this work here does this work there it doesn’t work there when you guys could just google it right there’s something called the Djinn mentality that I teach all of my mastermind students Djinn stands for google it now now that’s the biggest difference

between people who end up becoming millionaires and

multimillionaires and people who don’t just the willingness and resourcefulness to figure out how to actually teach yourself things and Google things

right the world is so incredible with the internet now you can literally find all the information that has ever existed in the world at the tips of your fingers but people don’t do it right they want somebody else to solve all of their problems

and those are the people who end up not having any success and the people who actually

become resourceful and learn how to learn are the ones who always have the most success and you can make up to $50 an hour literally cleaning or moving boxes or furniture or helping

people you know screw in lightbulbs or put together you know furniture that they didn’t want to put together themselves from Ikea right and I’ve seen people

make a significant amount of money using this app and TaskRabbit isn’t the only app out there that’s like this you can find many other different apps similar to it sign up for all of them and

then start accepting jobs from all of them at the same time to maximize your monthly earnings so those are five amazing money making apps to start making money online using just your phone working from home but if you want

to learn the number one way to actually make money online from the comfort of your own home just using your laptop then check out the link down below where I teach you the super secret way that you can actually make hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day creating basic ads that look like this for a business owners I know that might sound hard to believe

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