Best Way To Make Money Online As A Beginner

Best Way To Make Money Online As A Beginner hey what’s going on Damien Ellis here.

and you’re probably looking for the best way to make money online as a beginner and that’s exactly what I’m going to give you listen.

I’ve been online since 2014 it hasn’t been that long but.

I didn’t start making money until about 2016 it took me almost three years it was the end of 2016 .

and I’ve tried a bunch of different ways and I finally found the easiest way to earn money online.

so that’s what I’m gonna give to you I don’t know every way but I do know a way that you can start as a beginner without having a lot of money.

it may be even no money and you can get started earning money right away.

so stick around I’m gonna give it to you right after this all right welcome back we’re gonna be talking about the best way to make money online as a beginner.

but first before I give that to you if this is your first time seeing me it’s your you’ve been searching around online.

looking for people to help you looking for some people that are legit I can tell you I’m not a guru I’m nothing special but I will help you make money online so what is the best way for you as somebody who’s never made money online somebody.

that doesn’t know jack about making money online what’s the best way well the best way is to sell other people’s products.

and the best thing to do is to sell both physical products or digital products physical products are like you know doggy treats or clothes or cookware and then digital products are videos PDFs software stuff like that Kim that can be downloaded now listen the best way to do it is by going to Amazon.

1. make money from amazon

Amazon is what’s called an affiliate program or Amazon has an affiliate program what that means is you can partner with Amazon and they.

have a bunch of products that you can find on there and a whole bunch of different niches a whole bunch of different interests and you can find products.

that belong to somebody else and you can promote those products and when you make a sale you earn a commission now.

listen the easiest easiest way to do that is to go onto Facebook you can join groups there’s all kinds of group stores make money online groups there’s a Dallas Cowboys group there’s fishing groups there’s real-estate groups there’s self-help groups there’s dog groups there’s butterfly groups there’s all kinds of groups on there.

and all you have to do is type in the name of a group for instance dog groups and Facebook will show you all of these kinds of groups so let me take the dog group.

or the dog niche is what it’s called for example and let’s say for instance you wanted to sell dog products all you would do is go to Amazon scroll the way to the bottom of Amazon.

and you would click on affiliates and you sign up.

for free to become an affiliate of Amazon and Amazon is going to pay you whenever they sell one whenever you sell one of their products now.

so let’s say for instance you’re interested in selling dog products all you have to do is go to Facebook type in dog groups and join a bunch of dog groups.

the the dog groups that have the most members you’re gonna have a better chance.

now you want to make sure that you join a dog group that will allow you to post links inside of the group’s you don’t want to join a group that won’t allow you to post links.

Related more income=

inside of a groups don’t worry about links right now we’re gonna get to that so once you join a group or a bunch of groups that allow you.

to put links inside of there all you do is go to Amazon you find some kind of dog toy dog tree dog training dog clothes dog slippers.

whatever and you just go into one of those groups for instance and you say oh gosh guys you just make a post gosh guys.

I just found these dog slippers they’re so freakin cute check them out do you think that.

there would be good and my dog would love them.

and what you do is you post your link to those dog slippers or the dog treat or the dog clothes or whatever product that.

you’re promoting that you found on Amazon and with if people purchase from you that sale and that transaction is going to be tracked to you and you’re gonna earn a commission.

Amazon is gonna give you your own link that belongs to you and anytime you give that link to anybody else whether it’s in a group whether you.

send it to a friend a family member whether you buy traffic is what it’s called and that’s people that are potential customers don’t worry about that.

I shouldn’t even say that sorry about that but anytime you give that link to somebody and somebody makes a purchase from you you make a

commission now you don’t have to be a Salesman or anything to do that that’s what’s called being an affiliate all you did was say hey check out these new slippers I’m thinking about getting them for my dog or I’m thinking about getting

them for my friend and his or her dog do you think they’ll like it and they click on that link

they make a purchase and say hey I think I want that for my dog because remember you’re posting it in a dog lovers group and and somebody sees it that loves dogs and says hey I think this is cool I want it for my dog if they

make a purchase then guess what you earn a commission and guess what most people

when they see something when you go to Walmart you know just buy one one thing most of the time but when people see that and they buy

something else for their dog on Amazon then guess what you make a commission on that too it’s so easy as a beginner and that is what’s called affiliate marketing

that is the easiest way for a beginner to start earning money online let me give you one more example let’s say for instance

you want to sell golf products well you go to Amazon you look for the best selling golf

products you go to Facebook and you join a bunch of golf groups now in those golf groups there are a bunch of people that love golf

right there are a bunch of people that are interested in golf clubs golf clothes improving their golf game so you just find the product

on Amazon that is related to something that has to do with golf and you say hey listen guys I’m thinking about grabbing these new clubs

what do you think about these new clubs or what do you think about these new shoes or

what do you think about this new golf outfit or what do you think about this product that

will help me take three strokes off of my game in two practices and do you think I should

buy it and then when they see it and they give you their opinion

they might say yeah that’s a great product I think I’ll buy it for myself and you post your link there in that group and if they purchase it guess what you

made a commission and guess what you weren’t even being a sales person it’s so stupid simple it’s so easy

and you earn a commission that’s what’s called affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is the easiest the fastest and the best way to make money online as a beginner as there as there possibly is so go ahead sign up for Amazon you can do it for free as an Amazon affiliate again go to scroll all the way to the bottom of the website click on affiliate sign up

to be an affiliate decide what niche or what you want to promote go to Facebook join a bunch of groups

that have a bunch of people inside of them look for the best products that are related to

that particular niche or that particular interest

and then go to Facebook and post your link for products and then when somebody makes a purchase

you earn a commission that’s the easiest way for beginners to get started earning money online that is called affiliate marketing and it is the number one way to earn money online

listen if you want to scale affiliate marketing if you want to turn it into a full-blown business where you can replace your job or

your current business that’s taking up too much of your time I’m gonna leave a couple of links down below down below in the description number one I’m gonna leave my number one recommendation

to earn a full time income online it will teach you step by step by step the ins and outs of

affiliate marketing and digital marketing and how to sell products and the psychology behind it all the steps that you need to take all the tools that you may want to have at your disposal if you want to turn it

into a real business I’m gonna leave that down in the description I’m also gonna leave a link to my book five simple steps to affiliate marketing

wealth it’s going to give you five steps five simple steps that you can take to start an affiliate marketing

business for yourself all you got to do is click on the link into your information your email subscribe to my my email list and I’m gonna

send you that book free of charge you can’t beat that right gonna give you every single step and then I’ll leave a couple more links that’ll help you out as well but go ahead and get

started regardless if you pick up my number one recommendation or if you pick up my book go ahead and get started in affiliate marketing

I’ve given you the easiest way for a beginner to get started just go to Amazon sign up to be

an affiliate join a bunch of groups in Facebook that have to do it certain interests grab a link to a good product

and then suggest that other people buy that product or ask them hey do you think this is a

good product and when they make a purchase it’s a little sneaky but when they make a purchase you earn a commission how easy

is that it doesn’t get any easier than that listen that’s all I got for you right now if you like this video if it’s excited you if you got anything

out of it do me a favor hit the thumbs up if you want more videos like this click on the subscribe button don’t forget to click on the

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with more helpful videos like this check out the other videos on my channel because they will help you out comment on the video share the video if you know somebody else that can use the video and keep an eye out for my future videos that’s all I got for now my name is damien i appreciate you watching and have a great day morning evening whatever time it is wherever you are in the world and i’ll see you soon thanks a lot bye for now

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