How To generate blogger sitemap xml for google and bing 2019

How To generate blogger sitemap XML for google and bing and Yandex 2019 Website site-created maps

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How To generate blogger sitemap

How To generate blogger sitemap xml for google and bing 2019My dear friends today will tell you how you can generate sitemap generators for your blogger or

blogger, this is a very easy task but it is also the most important task because any website To see

Google, Biora is required in the site if you do not create a sitemap of your site, then Google will not

recognize your site which will harm you as a result of your website. The site will not appear in Google, if

your site does not appear in Google, then what is the benefit of creating a website today? We will tell

you that your blog How do I generate a Site Map for friends? If you have created your website on WordPress

then you will not get any problems, you can create a sitemap of your website using any plugin. But if your password is

not pressed, you have Blogger then what you will do then you will need to generate a sitemap for your blogger,

so today we will tell you how to map your blogger. The way you generate will be one of the first friends to tell you one more. Below we will link you one by clicking on it to a new website. P has to paste the URL of your website and click the Sitemap button below and we also show you the image below.


click here

How To generate blogger sitemap XML

How To generate blogger sitemap xml for google and bing 2019

The way you click on the site map generator button, as the friends shown in the above image, where we have marked the box below,

you will need to paste the URL of your website. After a few seconds, your site’s site map will be generator,

then you can find it in your website’s theme theme that you want to create a sitemap for your blogger. Blogger’s settings will go to the bottom of the image

How To generate blogger sitemap xml for google and bing 2019

Yes, as friends, you have to click on the Settings button in your blogger’s dashboard as shown in the

above picture, then you have to do the same way in the picture as shown in the same way. Click on the

search reference button, then you’ll need to click on the Custom Robot TXT and after clicking on the button,

paste your site into a map and click the Save button. Your site has become a map. Now you can also submit the same Sitemap

Map to the Google Webmaster Tool, and then your site will start appearing in Google Now you can map your Google Webmaster Tool. Thus will I tell you Submit it

submit sitemap on google webmaster tool

How To generate blogger sitemap xml for google and bing 2019

By copying the same as your sitemap generator, as shown in the picture above, the friends will submit to your Google Webmaster

Tool, which we have shown to you at the top of the screen as we have shown Marked you will first generate

your site’s website to understand people after that, then you will submerge your site-map to Google Webmaster

Tools, then your site’s Google Page But you will start seeing and people will start coming to your website for the

purpose for which you have created your website, the goal will be to fulfill your goal. It’s good that you have

posted this post to me if you have posted this post, submit it below and in addition to sharing this post with other social media I would be grateful to you if you If you share it on Facebook and Twitter, thank you


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