Which platform for blogging is good I blogging for platforms for beginners

Which platform for blogging is good I blogging for platforms for beginners

blogging platforms So if you want to blogging and you are thinking about what platform is used for blogging,

this post is for you exactly this article only and only for you, we are writing to you, we will tell you that you

What platforms for blogging Customize profiles will tell you everything in detail

blogging platforms for beginners

My dear friends Whenever you think about blogging or any blogging wants to start blogging means you

want to blogging,

then your mind will come to the same question to blogging. Which platforms to use,

which platform for blogging is the best, everyone has the same question. Friendship platform for

blogging will tell you who you want to blogging, then for you Well, the platform will be good friends, so

many platforms for blogging are available on the Internet,

everyone has their own special features. The

forms are very good at their own places but friends now get the question what platforms you should

use. My dear friends If you want to blogging for a long time, then what platform you want to use if you

If you want to call for a while, then what platform should you use, first of all, I will tell you about the free

platform for blogging, which is called Blogger.

This is a Google product and exactly Free, you do not

have to pay any kind of money, you will do free tasks and Google will give you all It will provide you with

your blogger career,

I do not even think of this blogger’s benefit that blogger is free, it’s not helpful as

friends are using blogger so much platforms. There is no benefit I think this is a very good platform for a new slave. Let’s tell you about Blogger and even with full detail, there is no question left in your mind.

blogger platform for blogging free and benefits

Blogger is a Google product, and Google tells people that if you want to blogging, you can use this product,

Google says that I will not get any money from you. We can take advantage of the service, now

we also tell you the benefits of blogger, friends, do not think that if Blogger is free, it will not have to be helpful.

Friends are the first and biggest benefits of your Blogger No one can hack it, Google has taken

responsibility for its full security because it is Google’s product and Google’s head You will use it on your

own blog on Google servers, but it is obviously what Google server does, Google’s security system is the

world’s most secure system. It means that you Google Blogger is making blogs to you, you will never get

any security problem. You can work your blogging easily. I think it is the first and the biggest benefit.

Even on the platform, they are also free of charge for free friends if one is getting something and the

donator is also Google’s obviously friends. No doubt Google cannot deceive anyone, so friends of

Google are absolutely true if friends talk about security, Blogger’s security is best because it’s working on Google servers. Now we tell you the other thing

blogger of hosting and speed

Now friends have told you the biggest benefit of friends in bloggers, but friends now that I’m going to

tell you another benefit is also the best advantage. Friends on blogger will get you free for free. You do

not have to buy a host from any company, friends, you will not need to make money. Your full-fledged

the statement will be free if we buy friends hosting, so many money will have to be spent while Google

Providing free hosting Now friends will be able to tell you the next benefit, I’m sorry, the third benefit is

that Speed is too fast. So, if your site is over 100,000 people in seconds, your website’s server will not

slow down. Your website’s speed will be perfectly good. Your website will never be downloaded. Talking to friends,

Google Speed lets you know that there is no good and no more than that of the company. Now I will tell you the

next benefit as well as your friends SSL certificate will be free if they If you go to the company and take an SSL certificate,

what is SSL certificate click here

you will have to pay a lot of money, you will have to pay a lot of money when you And at the Blogger,

the free security hosting domain is getting all this free now. Now let’s tell you one more thing. Friends,

you mean your blog on Blogger that you can not design more than you can. I have to work and do not have friends,

but you can not do it on SEO blogger, because no such type of plan is given on Blogger. Now let’s tell you about other companies.

how to create a blog free click here 

WordPress blogging platforms

Friends If you want to blogging, then I have already told you that you are a free Google product for blogging.

Blogger can use it, but friends have to work in a limit on Blogger. You can not SEO your post and you can not even make your blog even more designs.

Now we tell you if you want to blogging on WordPress, then we also tell you the benefits of WordPress.

The first and the biggest advantage is that the full control of your hands will be the meaning that the blog you make will be full control over your hands.

You can design your blog inside the way as you like, make your blog beautiful, as you wish to create a category,

plus friends on the WordPress press, if you want to post a post, then you have a lot of blogs.

They will be able to find posts easily with you and friends can rank their website on Google’s first page, using your plugin on WordPress,

but if friends are talking If you want to talk to your friends, you will need to know about it. From there you will have to secure your website security by paying separate money from there,

and you will also have to buy SSL certificates, but friends if you want blogging and blogging for a long time.

If you want to make money by earning money, then I would advise you to blogging on WordPress myself in

my own blog blogging on WordPress but friends are getting the most expensive hosting on WordPress now we tell you that How can you buy hosting at a low cost

free hosting for click here

WordPress hosting and domain

Now friends are asking questions that blogging is also done and the WordPress is also WordPress means

you want to blogging above WordPress, you want your blog to be made on WordPress but the money is

low now friends will tell you friends hosting What kind of varieties would I advise you to first buy a low-cost hosting start

your blogging career when more people will start coming to your web site, meaning that forty-one in your blog

Or if 50,000 or one million people start coming daily then you upgrade your hosting. Buy your VPS hosting. It is the

most expensive hosting and good hosting has not yet arrived in the market or you can also buy cloud hosting,

but if you are new friends, then I would advise you to buy Linux hosting. Make blogs like your website on when

you become very popular, then you can switch your hosting Now now I’ll tell you some things, friends if you want to make your website RAN Are there

If you want to do Google, we have written an article even if you want, we can read that article.



Friends, Now I want to tell you a few things First, the value of friends money is my dear and dear friends, now you

are working on your Papa’s money, you are using money from your Papa. But friends, when you earn money yourself,

I claim this for my children for my children, then you will have the value of money, so I say that the value of money started right now and the friends and their parents both Honor your mummy and your father, feed them in the evening or do them

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