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how to create a blog on blogger blogspot free blog complete seo guide Hello friends Do you also want to blogging 

do you also want to make money by blogging but you are a student you do 

not have much money you cannot invest then how do you blogging we will tell you your blogging too And you will create absolutely free blogs 

and earn from this blog also you will not earn thousands of my dear friends but millions of people are making millions and millions of money through blogging then why you can not earn your valuable You spend time watching movies on the Internet, 

listening to songs and playing games. Hey, Money, Money, Money, Friends, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, 

Money But there is no need to invest. We will teach you how to create a blog and also we will create a blog on Blogger. 

Now we will tell you what this blogger says and also tell you what. In this article you will be told everything and how to make money on blogger 

absolutely free and then make money. Read the full article and share it on social media so first of all we tell you about Blogger

1. what is blogger

My dear friends, we are blogging on blogger so it is important that we also know what blogger is and whose platform 

it is and why it is being provided for free. If you can blogging on this platform for free you can also earn money

so first of all, friends blogger is a Google product and Google is providing this service for free to its users. Google says if anyone wants to blogging. 

So by creating a completely free blog on our platform, 

we can share our knowledge with other people. Friends are a great product of Google and Google About 70% of this product is absolutely free of charge.

 Bloggers have an important role. Well, 

Blogger has many benefits. The first benefit is that your blog is not threatened by any hacker. 

But your blog will never slow down as much traffic as it is a Google product and you are well aware that the speed of Google server is very fast here you

 will get domain free and also hosting. You will get FREE Now we have told you that Blogger is a Google product but now we will tell you that you have a blog on Blogger. Make from

2. create a gmail account

Before creating a blog on Friends Blogger you will need to create a gmail account and I would suggest you to create a gmail account with the same name as the blogger you want to blog to. 

There are many benefits. 

This is your blog will start to rank in Google very soon and become your brand in the second place and in the third you will be identified by people who will call you by the same name as you on Blogger. 

Has create a blog. Now we will tell you how to create a Gmail account. 

First you will type your first name and then you will need to create your own. For example, 

my name is Khurram Shahzad so I will write first name Khurram and second name Shahzad as my website name is rong no1 and I will write first name rong and second name no1. 

After you enter your gmail user name you will type gmail user name rongno1 which means the name you want to put on your blog will be the same name in gmail then your phone number your country your address password etc. 

Etc. The complete information will be typed and the password should always be kept strong and your password will never be disclosed to anyone

3. open blogger

Friends Now that you have created a Gmail account, 

you will now search Blogger on Google and enter the website by clicking on Blogger’s Official Website, 

as shown in the picture and writing Blogger on Google and when first Click on the link and enter the website

You have to click on create a blog exactly as you see in the picture because one of the reasons why a dashboard will be open in 

front of you the first time you enter Blogger is because You didn’t create a blog on Blogger 

This is the first time you are create a blog on Blogger, so the first blog you will create today is Click Create New Blog.

4. write blog title and choose domain

Friends Now you have to write the title of your blog as I wrote the title of my blog but my website is on WordPress and you are creating your blog 

on Blogger then you select your blog domain and here But I also need to tell you one more thing that your blog domain 

is very thoughtful and one of the reasons is that your blog may be very 

popular and you will be taking your website from Blogger. Move to WordPress and buy your own domain by the name of which you are just starting blogging but here you have absolutely free blogspot. 

For example, if you selected the domain rongno1 then your blog domain will be

5. dashboard

My friends this blogger’s dashboard is currently empty because you haven’t written a single post yet because you created the blog 

for the first time and where you have created it, 

then where the post will come from, the most important thing is to set it up. Because if you start typing a lot now, 

then your blog will not be visible to Google so first you have to do some

 settings so if you look to your left in the dashboard you are given the setting option there. This is where you will set up your blog completely and we will tell you what to set. Click the button

6. settings

Friends First you will do the basic setting and the basic setting is something like this. First of all, 

the title of your blog will be the description of your blog after you have 

already written it. Just as we have written the description of our blog above, we will show you a picture of the description but also the details.

Friends You see the picture. We have searched our website on Google. After that Google has introduced our website to us. 

First of all, our website is the top title, then green is the title of our website.

 The web address is but what we have marked below is the description of our website it is called the website description as well as you will write the description of your blog 

and in addition we will tell you one more thing. 

If you do not write the website description, then this Google product will automatically generate the details of your website in the same way that you type content. 

But I suggest you write your website details yourself and then if you see below in privacy then you have to tell Google that you should show your website in Google search engine. Want or not

Apparently you want your blog to be visible to the public so you can save by saying yes

7. search preferences

Friends, I will not leave you on the way. I will give you the complete setting of your site. Now complete this article. Currently we do the next setting as you can see in the picture.

 And here we will now write the description of our website, 

then the next setting you will index the blog created on your blogger in 

Google Webmaster Tools. 

For this you will read our second article in which we create a complete website

Taught you how to index a web site in Google Webmaster Tools and read from there indexing your blog in Google Webmaster Tools.

8. blogger sitemap

My friends The next setting is to create a sitemap of my own Blogger blog but the first thing we tell you about how to create a sitemap 

is to create a sitemap that is very important to Google. 

The site is fully aware of how many articles your site has, what category of blog your blog is, 

how many posts there are, 

how many pictures there are, and then Google crawl your blog and your blog. 

The rank starts out but we have written an article on how to create a sitemap you must read that article link. We give it to you

9. Custom robots header tags

My dear friends now talk about custom robots header tags We tell you what this is about. 

Friends help them tag You will tell Google whether or not you want your website to be indexed. 

Whether or not your posts should be indexed, 

tags will also be indexed or not, and pages, etc. But let us tell you another thing as you look at the picture, 

look carefully at the image as we did in our The blog is set up the same way you set tags and this is the best and most successful setting. You will design your blog and we will tell you how

10. design your website

My friends Now if you are talking about designing your blog on Blogger, 

I think one thing to keep in mind is that I believe Blogger is a Google product but there is something special about designing a blog here. 

And there is not much theme at all, there are simple themes that are not exactly designed but you do not know about coding, then we have a solution for this problem. 

If a beautiful theme does not exist then you can save the Blogger template 

from the Internet to your computer and upload it to your Blogger. 

Regardless of the design of your website, the question arises where do you find the free theme for Blogger, 

then you need not panic We have written a post inside that we have some 30 bloggers Themes are provided You download a nice theme from there and

 install it on your blog on your website then we will tell you how to make money from your blog but remember one thing in this article. Must share free templates

11. how to make money from blogging

My dear friends now talk about blogs you have created but you want to make money through blogging. Obviously, 

why would any man waste his time so no one has time so then friends we 

will give you Explains that there are many ways to make money by creating a blog, the first is the many ways Google Adsense affiliate marketing, 


and if I tell you about all these methods in this article, 

this article is huge. 

And anyway we have written an article on this topic and if you want to make money from the blog then you have our second Must read article in which we have explained how you can earn money through blogging.

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