how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019


how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019 Hi Friends, I will tell you how you can earn money by blogging and how you make a complete blogger,

with full detail, I’ll tell you how to create a blogger website. How can you make money by blogging and how you can earn money and what’s the best for blogging? I am going to tell you everything, so you can read this article so that you understand

how to make money on blogging

how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019Hello Friends, It is a very easy task to earn money by blogging and perhaps you do not know that many

people are making money by blogging, although some people think blogging waste works, some

people blogging very much It seems more boring, but maybe you do not know that doing so much

money can be done by blogging as you can not even imagine and people are making a lot of money by blogging,

so friends are here at first. Tell you that money can be made more than YouTube or can make money more than

blogging because some logos They do not know that money can be made more than blogging or more money can

be made than YouTube. People start searching blogging, which can be used to earn money more than working on the platform.

First, you will be told that YouTube can make money more or you can make money more than blogging.


youtube vs blogging

First of all, let us know how to make money from YouTube, the most commonly used method is Google

Adsense people make a channel on YouTube and advertise Google Adsense on their videos and They

make money with their help, meaning that advertisements are made to show the maximum amount of

money when they show you more and more, your friends will watch the video on youtube. You often have to see an

create a blog

the advertisement above the YouTube video. Also on the right, you will also be able to see an advertisement of Google AdSense

as compared to that if Blogger talks. Then you can place Google Adsense ads on the blogger website as much as the ads

on which Google Adsense ads are on your website, the more people will click on these ads on your website and your

money, For example, friends, for example, if millions of people watch your videos on YouTube’s channel in a month

and the monthly payments you get from YouTube are 40000 that if your blogger website But if one million

people come in one month then blogger website will get you at least three sins more because of blogger The more

Google Adsense ads will appear on the site, the meaning is to tell you the more the ads you get, the more you find

the friends, wherever you search, everyone will say that Blogger blogging is the most cheap and more money

can be made from blogging, and one more thing we’ll tell you at least YouTube will take you a year to succeed, You will be successful in at least six months and you will start earning money within 6 months

what is google adsense click here

facebook page

blogging platforms

how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019The next question comes to people’s mind that which platforms should be used to blogging and it is

also important to know which platforms should be used to blogging, which is more beneficial. First of all,

I will tell you freely, friends who have freeway create a blog is Blogger, which is a Google product, is absolutely free,

you will not have to pay any money and its benefits Let’s Tell You Friends The first benefit is that you will be provided

domain free for your Blogger website. Do not Buy Domains After that, the second biggest benefit is that you will not

create a blog

even have to pay any money for hosting you will be free to hosting, but you can use it for free hostingas the third largest.

The advantage of this is that if you want to load it as much as you want, the data you upload above it will not be downloaded create a blog

as server server because it is Google’s server working on the server. And you know that the Google server is never

downloaded. Your website will never be culled.create a blog Now you can tell me the benefits as well. The free SSL certificate

will be given, which is the biggest advantage that your website will not be able to hack and recently Google has

announced that the SL will not have a certificate. Web saat will not be developed, meaning that you will be completely safe, there are lots of benefits you can use, and you can use it for free for the whole life.

WordPress blog

how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019My dear friends If you have money then you can also use the blog of the WordPress you can also

blogging on WordPress because friends will have to invest some money because you want to blogging

on WordPress because of WordPress You can not blogging for free and for blogging on WordPress, first,

you have to buy a number of domains, create a blog which happens to be the name of the website and

they have to buy.

You will have to pay money then you want to have WordPress blogging then you will also have to buy hosting.

After you can be blogging on WordPress because too many plugins are used on WordPress WordPress, and every kind

of plugin is provided to you on WordPress,create a blog so people use WordPress too much because

on WordPress Even if you

want to write a post, you will get a number of bulletins and you can always write a nice and beautiful post, apart

from this you can design your website as you like,create a blog but more on your blogger blogger. Can not design more

than but you will be completely on your own option on WordPress as you like it People can use it as

they want, create a blog

so that WordPress is too much live people use too much. Today people use WordPress to maximize blogging

create a blog

and using Blog on WordPress You can rank your post when compared to that, you do not have more options on Blogger,create a blog so WordPress is also a great platform for blogging.

how to create a blog for make money on

blogging for beginners 2019

My favorite friends are the next question on how to earn money from blogging. Friends First, you have to

make blogging a website, create a blogger then you will write the content you will write

content on your blogger. You will write articles on your website that depends on which topic you write

articles on because blogging tells you that you create a blog share your dues, tell people the way to

people, you can also blogging create a blog

on health. Blogging can be done on sports apart from other than the entertainment methods etc. Where does the money

come from and how will you see who will give you money friends you will apply to Google Adsense ads

on your blogger create a blog

website and Google AdSense will give you money that people will visit on your site. They will also see Google Adsense ads,

and the people who click on the Google Adsense ads, the more you will get the money you will get the money,

now the blog says it will also tell you We have told you that to make a blogger, then which platform you should use,

we will also tell you what modes S You can earn money by blogging here about Google AdSense and to please what is google adsense click here

Advertising Income

This is wherever several bloggers begin. In some ways this model of constructing cash from blogs isn’t

dissimilar to however a magazine or newspaper sells ads. As your traffic and complete grows you’ll

realize advertisers are going to be willing to pay to urge exposure to your audience.

While you would like good traffic Associate in Nursingd do} an on the spot upset an advertisers there

area unit ad networks (like Google AdSense) that act as a middleman and alter smaller publishers to run

ads on their blogs. this is often wherever several bloggers begin (I did too).

Affiliate Income

A recent survey of ProBlogger readers found that affiliate promotions was the foremost common style of financial gain that our readers have.

To put it most easily – affiliate financial gain is once you link to a product that’s purchasable on another

web site (take Amazon for example) and if somebody follows your link and finally ends up shopping for

that product you earn a commission thereon sale.

There’s a lot of to that than that however this can be associateother excellent spot to start out with

monetising your web log as affiliate programs square measure straightforward to register for and if you

have got an engaged audience you may realize they follow the recommendations that you just build on product.

how to create a blog

Friends If you want to make a free blogger, you want you do not pay any money at all, if all your work gets free then you can use Blogger and make blog number on Blogger to Blogger. You must have a number of Gmail accounts without having a Gmail account, you can first create a Blogger Blogger Blogger.

  1. 1 search on google
  2. 2 click first link
  3. 3 signin with google gmail acount
  4. 4 click on create a blog
  5. 5 choose your blogger name and title
  6. 6 choose a theme for your website 
  7. 7 then your blogger live

To create blogs, first of all, you will search Google in the blogger, then the first link you have to click is that you will be able to open the blogger’s website in front of Google. Is offline blogger’s website, we also show you the picture below, then friends

how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019

how to create a blog

The way my favorite friends are shown in the above picture, the blogger’s official website will be opened in front of you,

then you must have a number of Gmail accounts, first of all, through your Gmail account. You will be signed in to

it by clicking on the sign-in button, you will sign in to it without Gmail. You can not create blogger if you want to create blogger websites,

then you have a number of Gmail accounts. If it is very important then you will be able to do it within a Gmail account

how to create a blog for make money on blogging for beginners 2019

blogger settings

After you sign in to Blogger after that, in the above image we’ve shown exactly the blogger’s dashboard will be opened in front of you,

now you’re signed in. Now you have a new one inside Blogger. The blog is making it in the picture where you’ve seen where you have a new blog, click on it to click on it, then you create a  new blog.

When you create a new blog, the way the new image is open in the same way as shown in the above image,

you first need to write your blog title now that you should know who you Want to blogging on topic means

what you want to blogging you’ll get your bill titled, and then you’ll give your blog address below, like the way the address of my website is. Is for example

First of all you will set your blogger’s basketball first, you’ll first set up basic settings when you click on your blogger,

then your page will be open in this way first you have written your Blogger’s Subscriptions. What is this subscription

now Friends Subscriptions What describe below the URL of your site are the examples for example, if you search

for my website on Google, as shown below the image below It says that you will write your blog as the first number is the title on the second number, then there is another setting you want to do.


blogging tips

Just as we have told you can create a number of Blogger and start your blogging career and how to earn

money from blogging, we have told you, but friends beside you If you want to design more, then you

will have to buy a theme and you can design your blog as your favorite choice. Also, if you want

to blogging with money then you will need to buy hosting and buy domain We have already told you and you can also

make blogs on WordPress, hope that you understand all my words. It will have gone and try to post a daily so that

Google also posts daily on your blog so that more people come to your website and you get the most money.



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