How to create a Website with Godaddy WordPress Step by Step Explained My dear and dear friends today we will show you how you can create a beautiful WordPress

website through Godaddy and we will show you by purchasing a domain from Godaddy and buying a hosting site and make it a beautiful website.

If you do not know how to create a website then read this article completely because today in

this article we will buy a domain and also hosting and buy these two things from domain and hosting Godaddy then we will create a website on WordPress.

There are several types of blogs that you can create a blog on. You can also create a blog on Blogger and build it on WordPress.

You can create a blog right now, we will create a website on WordPress and teach you as well and I would suggest you if you want to blog then say your blog or website or whatever you want to say.

This is because WordPress is so easy you can find all kinds of tools to help you design your website the way you want it, without wasting time. Let’s start building a website

1. buy a domain first step

My dear and dear friends, you have to buy a domain before you can create a website and you have to buy a domain from GoDaddy

because we are going to create a website by buying domain and hosting from godady.

You can also buy a domain from another company. Provide the link you can go to godady and buy the domain click here

My dear friends as shown in the picture first you have to go to the GoDaddy website by

clicking on the link provided then you can enter the custom domain name you want to buy. After clicking on the Search button then different domains will be shown to you.

Now you can buy whatever domain you want to buy. We will also show you pictures as you see in the picture.

We searched for a domain, then in the new window, we will now buy the domain where we have checked the domain you clicked on and bought the domain. That’s it

Friends When you come to the next page there you will be told whether you want to buy

Privacy B on your domain or not. No problem at all – no problem at all and by clicking the button below you will come to the next page.

My dear friends in this page you have to pay the domain price and in addition to how long you want to get the domain you have to select it means one year or two years or three years or five years.

Also if you want to buy the domain you can buy from here Also if you want to buy for one year

year and then want to run the website on the same domain then you can renew this domain every year. Now here you will pay the payment via credit card through PayPal or bank.

2. buy hosting in GoDaddy for create a website

My dear friends you have now purchased the domain from Godaddy as far as we have told you. After that you have to pay only and only payment.

But if you want to create a website then you must have a number domain.

And hosting is a must but you have bought the domain. Now you have to buy the hosting and we will also buy the hosting from Godaddy.

If the Hosting button above is for you to buy Friends Hosting then a menu will open in front of you.

You have to click on the web Hosting as we have shown in the picture where we have marked exactly. Similarly,

you have to click on Hosting first and then on below you have to click on Web Hosting.

After clicking on the Hosting button my dear friends will come to you with all the hosting plan as shown in the picture.

You can see if you want to create a website then you can buy the first plan first. If you buy one then you can create only and only one website.

Also you cannot create multiple websites but if you want to create multiple websites with the same hosting, then you can buy delux plan.

In this you can create unlimited websites, unlimited domain ad but if you want to create a

great website which has a lot of Then you can buy a wig will be the third plan, but if you ask me again delux suggest you buy the deluxe plan is the best plan click ad to cart

My dear friends now you continue with this option. Click on this button as we have shown in the picture

My dear friends are now giving you a good news in this page. You have purchased hosting from godady company.

Now you will be given a free domain. If you want to create a site that you have purchased then click on the THANKS button but here you are being given absolutely free domain.

My dear friends now in this page you will buy your hosting and for how long do you buy

Decide whether you want to buy hosting for a month or buy hosting for two or three or one year, as much as you buy hosting.

The more you are given a discount, if you buy hosting for a month then you get expensive. If you buy for one year then you will get a substantial discount.

3. create a website wordpress

My dear friends, both the hosting and the domain things you have bought and both of

these things you bought from the same company are named godady. Step by step

Friends You are logged in to your account First you click on the menu above and you click on where my product is written.

After clicking on my product, whatever your product means,

whatever domain you are purchasing and the hosting you have purchased will come to you as shown in the picture above.

We have purchased linux hosting to create a website that we have purchased and we will create a website in the same hosting.

My dear friends now you have to start building a website, but we tell you where and how to create a website.

You guys have to create a website which is a full website in the cpanel and therefore create a website.

You must first click on setup cpanel to sign in to the C panel

4. setup c panel godady

Friends Now you have to select your domain in this page if you have purchased more

domains then you have to select the domain but if you have purchased only one domain then it will be in front of your domain. After selecting is done next

Now in this page you will select your server if you want to rank your web site in a

particular country.

You want people who come to your web site to come from the US or from Asia or If you want to target your entire world from another country,

but if you want to target the whole world then I would give you the same advice but

wherever you currently live it will tell you which ones for you. The server is better as shown in the picture

My good friends now you will write the name of your C panel and will also write the password name and password.

You will think good and strong. The c panel will open

My dear friends are now asking you in the page whether you want to create a website on wordpress or a website using some other software

but I would advise you not to Click here because you might later change your

mind if you want to create a website on another software so you don’t click here We will tell you one more thing We create a website on WordPress. Will

5. create a wordpress website in cpanel

My dear friends are now connected to both your web hosting and domain

because you have purchased both the hosting and the domain from the same company.

If you buy the hosting from another company and buy the domain from another

company then the hosting and To link a domain, the domain name server has to be changed.

Now that your C panel has opened, you scroll down a bit to where the web application is written,

WordPress is written there, and there are plenty of other software on which

software you want to create a website for. If WordPress is the easiest then we will build our website on Word Press and you will click on WordPress.

You have to click on Install WordPress as shown in the picture above

Now you will type the name of your website here where the blog name is Mansion, enter your email and password and click on install.

Your website has been installed in WordPress. Now you can view your website by clicking on the domain of your website.

6. desighn your wordpress website

My dear and dear friends Now that you have built a website on WordPress and you have created your own website

it is very easy to create a website In addition we have many more companies from where you are hosting and domain.

We can also teach you how to buy and create a website. If you were to create a

website with a freelancer, you would have made a lot of money but now that you have created your own website,

it will cost a lot. Now you have to design your website first so that you don’t have

to coding, but for your website WordPress The best templates available help you to customize your website the way you want it.

7. desighn

My dear friends designing a website is not a difficult task. First you have to click on

the theme button on your left and then WordPress will provide you with many

more themes as you can see in the picture above. You can activate by installing any custom theme

8. serings general

After setting up the website, there are some settings to do. The first setting is to write down the name of your website and its tagline,

which means the name of your website will be called and the topic on which you

are referring to the web. The site is created.

You will have to type in the tagline. In addition, you must first set up your e-mail

password and you want to open your website with www or without www.

9. permalink seting

Friends This is the most important setting because when you create a website it

has to do some settings etc but it is very important to permalink as you see in the picture. And if you permalink.

If you take the advice of me, I would suggest that you name your website

followed by the name of the post permalink. This is the setting I made on my own website.

You can see my website and the address of my website above is also the name of my website

and the post name is coming with it. Also if you add url category pages etc all

these things in the url then your web site might be difficult to rank so you can see

above seo friendly url now I have a little request from you. Must post this post on social media and feel free to comment in the comments below Thanks guys