How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

How to create a website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019) Hi Friends, We’ll tell you today that you can create a website

like this and how to design a website card. If you do not have to create a website, you will still be able to create a website

if you are ours If you read this entire article then it starts

1. website benefits

Hello Friends, We will teach you to create a website today, but before we will let you know the benefits

of the website, the first benefit you can earn through your website is the first benefit, then the second

the benefit is this. If you do any business or any company you have, then it is also important that you have a

number of webcasts because you do not have a website for business but if you have more You do not have a budget,

you do not have much money and you want your website to be made a little money, then this article is very beneficial for you.

Now the first thing to do is why I put some light before .

I told you how to earn money through the website,

then how do you first create your own website and then on Google By advertising adsense ads, you can earn money.

earn money

This is the first way you can earn your own money. Now the second way I tell you how you can make a

site and earn money You can also work by looking at Freelancer websites, making people websites and

earning money is also a source of money to make a small amount of money. Tell me also if you make a website

yourself then your money will be saved very much Now how are you going to get friends if you go to a freelance website

and make someone a website to make someone else If you make a website, then your friends will pay a lot of money

when you create a website, then how often will your money take? Now see the website now I have made it myself.

It’s a lot of money in a lot of money if you make a website myself, now we also tell you about the website.

So that I do not want you to read a long article in the morning way through which you can create a website

2. website hosting and domain

You need two things to create a friendly website, the first number is domain domains and hosting, you

can not create a website without both of them created on your website. Where are the hosting and

domains from where to be friends? If you sell or buy websites from someone else then you will get the website

the most expensive when you create a website, then you will only have to buy domain and hosting. Now you can

now tell me about what’s hosting now, Friends Hosting says the website’s storage within which you All data stores are called

hosting and domains that are called the website’s name through which the website is identified as Facebook or YouTube or Google,

as well as your website. The name will be and that’s where your website has a domain now. Where to buy both of these things now,

I would advise you to buy both domains and domains from a good company.

3. best website builder software

Now the biggest problem is that the website on which software is created on the server, so many websites

on the Internet are so diverse that you use by using a very good website. But what one of them is the best software you can make on websites as well

wix       Weebly   WordPress   

Friends are called three names I can bring you to your website on any of these, but if you ask me for advice,

you will still advise me, not only me but everybody It will advise that you create a website on the Word Press because

it is the best software if I start telling you its benefits, I think this article will be too long but I’ll tell you a little bit. WordPress

is a great advantage. The first benefit is that you can design your website the way you want it to design And this is a very

simple way, like many other software you have to use coding, while no longer coding will be needed in WordPress,

but rather you can easily create a nice and elegant website. Belle is also calling on her own website WordPress

and will give you the same advice that you made on your website WordPress, but the first thing to make a website on the FriendsPress

Press says that hosting WordPress Take it from the official website or taken from another company because it is very important

I think about it I must first understand that I first tell you something about WordPress’s official website for hosting,

I’ll let you know what I’m about, besides the other companies I will also tell you then it depends on which company you will buy from hosting and create a website

4. hosting WordPress official website

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

So my dear friends hosting If you buy WordPress from the official website, it will be a lot of money for you

and you will get a lot of money, apart from this, Future will get you very much, so we have you in the picture above.

It is shown that how many money you get from hosting from the official website’s website and what it is worth, it’s all in the picture that you can see. Besides, we also tell you the first plan is personal Is the father

So my dear friends, First of all, you will have a number domain in the personalized plan that will also be given

for free and a year for free one year only for just one year. In addition, to which storage you will receive It will only

be more than 6GB, more than that, you will be able to store the store soon. Apart from this, there are some software

in the personal plan, and you will be provided free of charge and will be terminated on your website. But no one will get your ad without your permission, then we also tell you about the other father.

So my dear friends are very important to create a new website that you must know everything about what is domains,

how this website is created, so now I’ll tell you another plan. In the plan as per the first plan you will also be given free

given free

domain for one year and the storage 13gb will be given to you besides your website any kind of WordPress

will not be displayed unless you allow Do not give you custom ads on your website, apart from some software you

will be provided free of charge You can also talk about another website for free hosting too and get free domains,

but I’ll advise you first to know how to create a website. After that, make a decision whether the website

wants to free up or

you will be able to tell both of them about money and on the site of the Bakhtiar website and money,

what benefits and

damages they have There is also a plan and you will be given  in the third plan, plus

your website

will also be monetized and any tablets are available. You can use all the free I will tell you about the

hosting of other companies

5. best hosting company blue host

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

It is obvious to buy friends hosting if you want to create a new website, then you also have to buy hosting,

then the best website in the market is to buy hosting. There is no site, you can buy hosting from the same website

and I think it is not a good market and there is no company and there are many benefits of this company and now

I can tell you about it. You will find 3 plans within it, the first plan you can see if you want to make a website,

the first plan is to The storage will be given 50gb while you get hosting from WordPress’s official website,

there was only 6GB and you were given 50GB storage here, besides this you can create a website. After this,

you will also be given a free SSL certificate, SSL Certificate Friendship Strengthens Your Website No one can hack your website

after its second plan as you are in the other plan. You can create a website, while you can create only one website,

but you can buy your hosting from this website. You will be able to create a number of panels, as well as to make

websites as much as you want. All domains make the website you want to create. You can make it down in the link. I

click here

6. free web hosting

My dear friends are also free hosting. There are many companies that provide free hosting, but my dear friends

if you do not have to create a website, you will still advise me to use free web hosting first. You can create a website

by free hosting, how to create a website when you are fully educated, then I will advise you to get free hosting anytime.

Do not use it because you can not have any credentials, your website can be closed anytime only I will give you the same advice.

You can use free hosting to learn, but when you are one, then you can buy hosting from a good company

and make a new website. Free Hosting If you want to take a click, click on this link to get more hosting. You can know about and you’ll get bunny hosting


7. how to create a website

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

So, friends, I think I’ve told you everything. Now I tell you how to make a website up to date, first you have to buy hosting

and to make a new website. Where you have to buy hosting from your Bluehost, you will buy your hosting,

after this, you will also advise you to buy another plan after that you click on a slick button, then a new one The page will open in front of you as well as the image we show you

8. how to create a website choose domain next step

how to create a website

So my dear friends, as shown in the above image exactly the way we’ve marked, you mean that your website

domain already exists with an ad number, then you have your current domain in another box. You can write,

but if you do not have any domains, then you have already told me that in the plan, you will be given the domain

free for a year afterward you will have to pay your money. The domain of the website will also write whatever

the domain you want to name your website, then you click on the button below. After this, a new page will be opened in

front of you, now you have to do some work in the new page, and let us know what you have to do in detail.

If you read this article completely then I do not think you’ll need to get any information about the site from somewhere else,

because I mean to make you a website. I will tell you everything I want to tell you everything I want to tell you about the fact that your people get better now.

9. how to create a website next step account information

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

Now friends will write you account information in this page. I will tell you everything first. You will write

your name first and then you will write the second name, then the next step is something like this. You

can write the name of your business, you can write the name of your business, but I will give you the same advice

for which you are going to create a new website, the business name means that your company’s name You will

then set your country to define which country you live in. You will list your home address, then you will write your

home address. There is also an address that you will write there, then you will write the name of your city in which

city you live if you live in the city, then you will write the city’s name if you live in the village, then your close You

will write the name of the city in the city’s name, then you will write the zip code and your email until here you

will write about yourself, you will tell the company about yourself, but then you will get your package Now tell you about the company about it

10. package information
How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

So my dear friends, this package will provide you with the information of the package. It is very important

and it has a lot of benefits about which I tell you first, if you click on the package You will be asked to process

your package for twelve months or 24 months or forty months or after 60 months, depending on how you want

your package to take if you take a 12-month package. Then you will be discounted if you take a 24-month package,

then you will be more discounted if you take a 36-month package More discount will be discounted if

you take a 60-month package,

then you will be discounted a lot, depending on which package you want to take, but if you consult me, I would advise

you to take a package of 12 months before you use it if you like this service, then you can further

upgrade it, then you will need to paint it.

11. payment information
How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

Now friends eventually have to pay you money as you make them pay your stop, you’ll have to complete the stop

and then you will click on the processed button but when you complete this station, You can also pay money

through the bank as well as PayPal can also pay them, apart from the credit card you can pay them, friends pay through credit

card Now it depends on you how you pay for a minute, then as soon as you make friends as a friend,

then in a number of your Gmail account, The mail will mean that the emails will come and you will be provided

a number of the panel inside the same email. Now you have to create your website within the same panel as

you will be given different software in any panel. You can also make your website on software but I’ve already

told you that you use WordPress to create a website on WordPress. Even my website is on WordPress as soon as you email emails.

You will be logged in to the Editorial C panel by clicking on the link on your C panel and you will also be given username

and password in the email to be logged in. You can log in to your C panel using both of them, then I’ll tell you how to create your website on WordPress.

12. go to cpanel to create a website
How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

If my dear friends are now in your panel, friends are now not too far to create a website. Soon you will create a website

as soon as possible. Now there will be a lot of software in front of your friends after the friend’s panel comes. Using this software,

you can create a nice and standard and beautiful website but you’ve already told me friends and I’m still telling you

if you are a builder or professional you are a specialist in creating a website. Even then I would advise you that you make

this website not just me, but also on the whole world. If you ask anyone to make a website on what software I want,

then everyone will tell you that you create a website on the Word Press, just like we have shown in the picture that

enough All software is in front of you, but we’ve marked the WordPress on that, but you have to click on it then your

website will begin to start. If you read this article, then I It will also explain how you will write the website after creating

the website, in addition to how you will install the tablet in the website and there is a lot more about me. If you tell me,

your website is currently being installed on WordPress and will be ready by creating your website shortly afterward,

you will then set some of your passwords on the website of your WordPress website. I’ll tell you about

13. creat a website new website dashboard WordPress

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

My dear friends, now you have become the owner of a number of websites, you have created a website,

but your work is not over yet, because now you have to do some settings in your website, in addition to

your website Apart from this, there is more software than this, apart from how you will write the first

post in your website, you will first tell me the settings you want to do within the website. The above picture

is shown in the first way your website will look something like this, then you’ll have to set up your


so we currently have website Let’s set up what website will design and then install the software we will talk about if we first set up a website.

14. website settings

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

My dear friends, now you have to set up your website, if you look at one side to set up, then you’ll see a number of setting settings,

as shown above in the above picture. Click on the Settings button, then click on the General to click on a General page after you click General,

then you’ll have to set up your website on the same page.

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

Yes as friends, the way the page is displayed in above picture,

exactly the same page will be opened

in front of you,

then you first need to write your website title, the first home you are looking for. To write your website title, Friends,

we have also marked this mark, so you will first write your website title as the website titled above. You are viewing my website’s title above. Other friends

RONG NO1  title on my website

In the second box, you will write your website’s tagline, friends, have a website title, then there is a tagline,

just as the Tagline of my website will write down below. So you’ll write your wife’s tagline tag too, it’s also very important that makes your website

a new one and that’s why your web site’s beds are even more, for example, But my website name is down and Tagline below

RONG NO1   Tagline      Make Money Online Blogging

After setting this, you can click the Save button on this button.

This setting

will done now.

You now have to install a template in your website and tell you about the friends’ template as

15. website designing templates

Friends today have no coding for this time, people do not like to coding, everyone wants to create a web

a site without coding because it is very difficult to make a website with coding and that is difficult While

various companies have invented a very good template that you will install in your website, then you do not

have to coding any website on your site without coding your website. It can be designed and very high-tech designs are

available in the market, using these templates for your web You will not need any kind of coding as you can design the site,

but friends here, give me an answer if you do not ask me, I still need to answer this question. Because of the answer to

this question you will definitely ask me, friends are two types of templates, there are a free template and other pad templates.

The question is whether the free template is used or the pad template is used. Friends of free friends are not given you more futures,

but friends with buddy tablets are also very good. If you talk about pad tablet, you will be fully designated within it,

meaning that you can design your website as you want, but today’s friends have provided free tablet

access to a few people in the tablet table. Let’s tell you about their loss

16. Can I use the cracked WordPress theme?

In my dear friend’s market, you will find a lot of templates that are perfectly packed, but some people advertise

those themes, after which the tags tagged inside are empty. There are losses if you want to use a pads theme for free,

then you will get a huge loss because your website can be hacked and the service you are providing is available

within your website. Whoever calls on the website of his website, apart from the WordPress people wrote a great article above it, you can go and read it. The Link

click here

17. design your website choose a theme

How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

My dear friends If you want to design your website, then you can install a nice and beautiful companion

in your website, as shown above in the above picture, giving you a lot of themes from WordPress. While doing so

you can make a lovely and elegant website, my dear friend is also free of charge within WordPress and also means

free themes are not less than anyone, but you can also use the same website as well. Can I design myself using the

free theme I can see the design of my website as well There are many more types of themes available in WordPress,

which is free of charge, if you want to use the pad theme, then you can buy whatever you like to buy a good partner as you like.

It depends on you, then your friends will install some software on your website.

18. website SEO software

After that, your friends will SEO your website. It’s very important if you do not have your website ss, your

the website will not be visible on Google’s first page so that every web It is important for the site to mean that the

SEO is required to rank every website, which is now necessary to use the software to SEO website, so many software But,

I’ll tell you about the software, this is the most used software and about 90 percent of people use this software Rank the web on Google’s first page,

I also tell you the name of this software.

Using this plugin, you can bring your website to Google’s first page using this plugin and millions of people

use the same software, and the biggest thing is that even in friends It uses this free you can also use and you can also

purchase free you will be given many futures. I am using it free of charge and I would like you to be very Use the EO rating as well as you can see too many ratings, and within that, you have all the flavors available for Sabi Futures.


19. A few basic things create a website

My dear friends If you make a website from anywhere you do not create a website, then you will get the

most money that will make you a website and then design

your website. That guy will take you a lot of

money from you, but if you make a website yourself, then

how much money will you take so much a lot

so much too much money will be. Yes, friends will make money too much when you say. That jar has

become my website in such a short money, then let’s tell friends some more details on your site on Google’s first page

in five days or a week or a month. The idea will come, but if you write an article, you will have to work hard to bring it

to Google’s first page, when you will have to write an article on a daily basis, then you will have to write an article.

After that, all of you within a few minutes The articles will start appearing on the first page of Google

and I hope that

you have understood my full post. Everything you have understood will be considered to me, so please

do my post.

Share on Facebook and Twitter This will be a great kind of favor on you and there will be plenty of

people who

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