how to create a wordpress blog website using bluehost web hosting

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FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
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Disk Space
Free Ssl Certifcate
Help and Support
Value For Money

FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
FREE SSL Certificate Included
1-Click WordPress Install
24/7 Support

how to create a wordpress blog website using bluehost web hosting Hello friends Do you want to be a successful businessman? 

If you want to make your business successful then you need a number of websites because in today’s era, business without a website is not successful. 

Is a multinational company or you have a shop in a locality unless you create your own


your business will not be successful because if you have a website for your business then the

 whole In the world you can do business Your products will be sold all over the world If you can spread your business around the world today we will tell you that How To Buy Your 

World’s No.1 Hosting Company Hosting How to Build a WordPress Website We will teach you how to build a step by step website so that you can make your business successful and we think it is important to tell you one thing before. 

You should read this article in its entirety and create your own website and also share this article on social media.

1. how to create a website blog in wordpress

So friends now get started How do you create a website You can also call it a blog Today I will teach you how to create a website and a blog. 

So, to create a friends blog or a website, two things first. The thing is you should have a domain. Now let’s talk about the domain. 

What is a domain? My dear friends is the name of the domain website called the domain by which the website is opened. For example my website name is and this is my domain called domain and secondly you should be hosting. 

So let me tell you about the number one hosting company in the world bluehost

This is a great hosting company. Millions of people around the world are using this company’s hosting and today we are also buying hosting and domain from this same company. 

Creating a Website Block on WordPress You can also use this website for business and if you want to blogging then you can also use it as a blog. 

Website and blog are both the same thing. The difference is in the blog you share your knowledge while in the website you tell people about your business so let’s go. We will now also create a website and blog

2. buy hosting and domain

FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
FREE SSL Certificate Included
1-Click WordPress Install
24/7 Support

If you want to create a website blog on WordPress then you have to buy both hosting and domain and today we will buy both things from bluehost hosting company 

and create a website on wordpress and if you also from bluehost company If you want to buy a hosting and domain then you can buy both items with great discount by clicking on the banner. 

If you click on the link provided and buy the hosting and domain from bluehost then you will be given a discount. 

And for only $ 2.95 you will get this discount only and only by clicking on the link provided but this The original vesting price is $ 7.99

3. create a wordpress website blog

The first thing you need to do is go to the bluehost website and click on the button where you started so that you can buy both the hosting and the domain, before you click on get started.

Friends Now these are some hosting plans in front of you. If you want to create just one website and you want to create one blog and work on it then the first plan is right for you and today we have basic plan too. 

Plus if you want to create unlimited websites then the Plus plan is the best plan for you but

 the rest of the friends that are the Jodo plan are both very high quality which means your website speed is very high. Will only get faster

 if you buy a third or fourth plan and you know well that websites whose speeds are very fast These are the websites that rank very quickly in Google. 

However, if you want to know more about this hosting then you should read our second article and we give you the link. And buy whatever plan you like

4. buy website hosting from bluehost

Click on whatever plan you think is best for hosting friends. Now you have to buy a domain. You can create a website on wordpress 

by linking to this hosting but currently we are getting a new domain so you have to enter 

your domain name on the place where we checked for example my web The name of the site is and I will write there rongno1 Then you can take the extension 

whatever you want to get .com can also get .net .org and more Have to be next

congratulations your domain name is available and if it is not available it will show you different options whether

it is why it is not available and how different names you can select after you come to this page enter your name details business name 

is optional so you don’t have to enter that and select your country tonight is it is pakistan 

address city pin code phone number tomorrow in the plus nine is already entered and email address because your accept will be sent to the centers

You will write down your entire information and pay money too. If you want to get hosting 

for a month, select your plan and you can pay by credit card or bank or you can pay by cashless. 

C panel will be given here You can create your own WordPress website and there are also 

plenty of software on any of the software you can create your own website but currently we are talking about WordPress We will create a website blog on WordPress and teach you how to create your own website or your own blog on WordPress. can

My friends now you have also purchased hosting and domain as well and here is your

 bluehost default dashboard plus the C panel tab has been given a few different futures but here we have our wordpress This feature of bluehost will make the web site I like very much.

 Its dashboard is great. 

You can create your own WordPress website directly from here. 

Any software can be installed from here so as in the picture. It is shown that you have to click on install WordPress website

Friends Now you have to select your domain in this page If you have purchased more domains then select the domain on which you want to create your WordPress website and then click on Next.

so this is where you’ll enter the name or the title of your website this will be your site title

 you’ll enter that here and then the email address that you want associated with this 

WordPress account you’ll add here and then these two boxes the username and password is where you’ll create your login credentials for your WordPress site so you’ll make up a 

username and a password and then you’ll click Next

Installing WordPress for Friends Sometime you have to wait then your website will be ready 

Not only and only two or three minutes you have to wait then your site on wordpress is complete.

 In addition, if you scroll down on a page you will see some templates.

As you can see in the picture as long as your wordpress website is being built, you can also view tablets In addition, 

we can tell you about your website and how you can write a post in your website blog.

 How to Set Up Your Website How to Seo a Website We will tell you all in this same article.

6. your website is complete

Your website has now been created. Now click here

so I have my login credentials blacked out right here so you guys can’t see them but they will be displayed here and then to log into WordPress for the first time just simply click on your domain right there

and it will bring you right here to your login page for your WordPress site so go ahead and login and I’ll show you how to setup a WordPress website

7. dashboard wordpress website

My dear friends, here is the dashboard of your WordPress website blog. From here you will 

manage your website and this is the complete setting of your website, and we will let you know that you have How to do designing setting SEO, etc.

8. setting wordpress website blog

Friends Now you have to set up your website because without setting your site will not

 appear in Google so first you have to click on setting button then you have to do general setting The most important setting is 

now you have to write the title of your website for example my website title is rong no1 and I have written it then you have to write the tagline of your website as well. 

So my website’s tagline is Make Money Blogging Internet and now you have to email a little bit down then select your language

 in which language your website is You have selected your website language as English, so you will choose the language of your website 

and choose the time of your website according to your country because the time of each country is different then you Has saved this setting. 

Now we will tell you the next setting

9. permalink setting

This setting is most important for SEO. You have to set the permalink of your website because there are some websites whose permalink is something like this. 

The post category name is followed by the post name but it is useless and useless. 

Then whatever you post will be the name of this post which is the best permalink because the websites whose permalink contains 

the name of the post posted in the web The site does not rank in Google so seo freindly 

permalink is the only and only This is how you set up your website.

10. design your wordpress website blog

Friends now talk about the difficult task of designing your website. 

Maybe if you do not know about coding then WordPress is used for this and WordPress is created for you. 

If you don’t know about coding then here are the beautiful free templates you just created. All you have to do is install the template in your WordPress website, 

then just drag and drop it as you like and design your website. 

How you want to design your website and how beautiful your blog is. You can do it all in a very simple way, which service you want to provide

11. lets start your website blog for new settings

My dear friends, your website is now your blog but it is not complete because you have done the setting we told you and in addition 

you have designed your website we have already Have told you that you can customize your website by

 installing WordPress free theme but if you have any premium theme you can install it in your website friends you know well There is a lot of difference between a 

free item and a purchase, so I would suggest you to design your website. Buy these beautiful templates Now you have to index your website in 

Google Webmaster Tools and also get indexed in bing webmaster tool and inside yandex web master tool you have to index your website because if If you do not submit 

your website to these three search engines, then your site will not be visible. People will not come to your site. So, what is the benefit of creating a website? Indexes in Google Webmaster Tools

12. submit wordpress website blog in google webmaster tool

In order to have friends index your wordpress website blog in Google Webmaster Tools, you must first write in 

the Google search bar Google Webmaster Tools. See also the first link you have to click on

Friends now you have to click on the Search Console because it is pointless to stop here and do nothing else.

Friends Now you have to copy the URL of your website as you see the address of my website above Likewise you have to copy the address of your 

website and as you have the picture I see here we have marked you have to paste the address of your website and then continue

You have to copy this html code because first of all if you want to verify your website in

 Google webmaster tool then there are five more ways to verify but the easiest way is html tag. To copy after that

  • click here appearance
  • then theme editor
  • open coding theme header
  • find <head> and paste html tag code
  • save now and click verify

Friends Now Your Word Press Website Has Been Verified In Google Webmaster Tools Now After 24 Hours Your Website Will Start To Appear In Google

 I hope you have liked this article on social media. You must contact us and you can contact us if you would like to make us a website.

13. verify website blog in bing webmaster tools

Now we will verify  our wordpress website blog in bing webmaster tools so that our website can also appear in bing 

search engine friends you may not know that there is only Google and not search engine and there are search engine and there But even if people do the truth, 

we will verify  our website in all the search engines, so in order to have web site tools verified in bing webmaster tools you have to write bing webmaster tools in Google as you see in the picture. Will

Friends Now you have to first sign in to bing webmaster tool so you can also use your facebook account google account you can use but google account is best

Copy the URL address of your WordPress website blog and then look carefully at where we have marked the ad site and paste the URL of your website on it. Later

Now here you have to give your information and submit a sitemap of your own WordPress website blog.

Friends, the way you submitted your WordPress website blog to the Google Webmaster Tools, Google then gave you a meta tag code and you bested it under the header section of your website. You also have to paste and confirm below the header section of your website

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