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How to delete youtube channel If you would like to delete your YouTube channel, then stay tuned. Please read this article as I show you the quick and easy steps to do so. Hi there, Khurram Shahzad, here once again from Rongno1, your place to grow your business using YouTube. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can delete a YouTube channel from YouTube.

Also, if you want to make money on YouTube and want to make a channel on YouTube, we have written an article in which we have explained in detail how to make money on YouTube How to make a channel on YouTube How to upload videos. How to monetize a chain, make money from YouTube, and how to make money from YouTube, we have given you a link to all the articles we have mentioned in the article by clicking on it. Now you can read our article on how to delete your YouTube channel.

1. how to delete youtube channel

Close your YouTube station will permanently delete your videos likes comments subscribers, such as videos, opinions, messages, playlists, and history. Be aware that you can not delete a station on mobile devices at the moment. Follow the following steps to delete your YouTube station: 

On a computer, be sure that you’re signed into YouTube together with the station that you wish to delete. Proceed to some advanced account settings. 

At the top right, click on your accounts > YouTube settings. 

Beneath the channel’s title, choose Advanced. In the bottom, choose the Publish channel (you will see Publish content rather ). Select I would like to delete my articles permanently. 

Pick the boxes to verify that you wish to cancel your station. Select Delete my station (you will see Publish my articles instead). The upgrade may take a while, which means you may continue to view thumbnails of your videos to the website for a brief moment. Note: 

These measures will only delete your YouTube station, maybe not your Google Account you use to sign in with. Discover how to delete your whole Google Account. 

Once you delete a channel, the channel URL and station title will no longer be searchable or visible in YouTube Analytics. Data linked to the station, for example, Watch time, will probably nevertheless be a part of reports, but won’t be credited to the channel that is deleted.

how to delete youtube channel

My dear friends first of all you have to open YouTube as shown in the picture

how to delete youtube channel

The friends you see in the picture After you open YouTube you have to click on your YouTube channel logo then click on the setting below.

how to delete youtube channel

My dear friends, now you have the option of setting different, but you have to click on the advanced setting as we have marked in the picture you can also delete your YouTube channel by looking at the pictures. No need to read this article because it is not a difficult task, but you can cancel your YouTube channel by looking at our photos, and we will now tell you the next step.

how to delete youtube channel

Friends, you come down a bit and click here to see the delete channel is written.

how to delete youtube channel

The Gmail account with which you have linked your YouTube channel Google is asking you for the same account password again. Enter your password here and click.

how to delete youtube channel

My dear friends, now you have two options here. The first option is to have all your YouTube data as videos, and if you want your subscribers to hide all your data from other people, then your first option. But you have to delete your YouTube channel so you choose the second option.

how to delete youtube channel

click delete youtube channel

how to delete youtube channel

Friends, now you can name your channel here and then delete your channel video by clicking the delete button. Hope you have a hit article. 

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