how to earn money on youtube without Adsense complete guide My dear friend today is very important for you,

because today I will tell you how to earn money from youtube in this article without Google AdSense,

and I hope you read this article from me.

YouTube will make even more money from Google AdSense because YouTube does not necessarily have ads for Google Adsense but

also, there are plenty of ways to make money from YouTube. People today do not know about these routes.

And for the people who have been Google AdSense suspended,

it is a golden opportunity to start my favorite friend’s article. First I want to tell you

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I would like to thank you again. How do you make money from YouTube? There are many ways to earn money from YouTube. Today, I will tell you all about them

1. Do you need an AdSense account to make money on YouTube?

When my friends think of making money from YouTube, the first question comes if you

need an AdSense account to make money on YouTube?

I’ve already told you and you are not even telling me if you want to earn money from YouTube,

the first way you can earn money from Google using google adsense.

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Now you have another question. How to earn money from YouTube using google AdSense,

then I give you the answer that you can earn Google Adsense ads on your YouTube videos

but we have written a complete article if If you want to earn money through Google AdSense, then you can read our second article. Click here

2. How many subscribers do you have to have to make money on YouTube?

Most of my friends think that as long as YouTube does not have more subscribers, money cannot be avoided by YouTube,

so my dear friends have searched too much on YouTube.

I have given a lot of time, then the result is that YouTubers There are also millions of subscribers,

but when the video is uploaded,

how many people watch the video, more than 30,000 or more than 50000 people can not watch the video if subscribers are talked about the number of subscribers But the video

watches a third,

what’s the reason why I also tell you friends Subscriber is not necessary Your content

quality is your video on which video you have mentioned in your video and how well the

video you have SEO has to be your video.

Watch your video, watch the full video from start to end,

and you will succeed on YouTube, you do not need subscriber, but you should focus on your video, focus on your content when your content will be good and you will be

comfortable. People will watch your video will show you good stuff,

then you can not stop being successful and this is your mind Services can not earn money from YouTube without the subscriber

3. How can I make money without AdSense?

This question is very important how to earn money from YouTube without Google friends,

Google Adsense is not necessary for you to make money on YouTube,

you can earn money by advertising on other YouTube videos.

Now, if you do not want to make any company advertising on YouTube,

then there are more ways to earn money from YouTube, and now you can tell me what you can use on YouTube. If you are earning money through Google AdSense on YouTube,

you can still use these methods for YouTube.

You can earn a lot of money.

It is not necessary that you are earning money from YouTube through Google AdSense.

Now you can not earn money from YouTube in any other way, but also earn money from YouTube from Google AdSense.

I’m going to tell you to use them too much to earn money from YouTube How can I make money without AdSense

4 .sponsorship

What is this Sponsor Friendship If Google AdSense has been suspended on your YouTube

or you are earning money from YouTube through Google AdSense and you want to earn

more money from YouTube or you are not using Google AdSense. If you do so,

you can earn a lot of money from YouTube through Sponsorship.

Now I tell you about what this sponsorship is, my dear friends, know well that people who are doing business on the Internet Do not have enough money to make your business

famous by Google AdSense,

so its easiest way Yes, and this way,

money is also less expensive.

People make a record of their utility for a large amount of time, and make money in return for example,

for example, I have a website and I have a website. I am selling my products but I do not have so much money that I can go to YouTube,

and I’ll talk to those YouTube users who are more subscribers to more YouTube videos.

And they will say that I give you money,

upload videos of my products as you like YouTube Many companies can earn money through more sponsorship than Google

Affiliate marketing

My dear friends If you are earning money from Google AdSense then you can also use Sponsorship,

so you will earn even more money and you can also affiliate marketing means that you are from Google AdSense too.

Earn money from sponsorship money and reduce money through affiliate marketing What

is affiliate marketing now? Friends are huge companies, for example, Amazon is a

the company, people buy online from this company buy shoes Buy Buying Mobile Buy Meaning If you want to buy anything from the world,

then come You can buy from this website but you can also earn money from this website,

but affiliate marketing is so easy,

Share the products of this company with people when you click on your link to buy this product.

You will receive a commission by uploading this video to YouTube and upload the link to this product in any of the videos that will be viewed by your video,

then clicking on your given link. If you buy this product,

instead of you get a commission means that money will get money,

friends will get money and all these three ways to get the same channel on YouTube.

Can Google advertisements-advertisements even sponsorship and affiliate marketing can also how to make money from affiliate marketing click here


What I am going to tell you now is the most important thing if you have any skills, that means you have to create a website or website designing.

I mean, if you have any skills,

you can get those services on YouTube. Make a video in this video to let us know if you

have web designing graphic designs or whatever skills you have.

Tell people about how you can do this, people will do the same for you and give you money for example, for example,

I get web designing and I have a lot of extensions so I can upload a video to YouTube.

In which I will tell people that I have a lot of web designing experience if you want to

design, you can do it as well as YouTube But by earning my service you can earn money and all the tasks I’ve told you can do all the work on YouTube’s same channel.

5. How does AdSense work on YouTube?

My dear friend, this question also asks me about YouTube and people too much search on

Google how Google AdSense is working on YouTube so my dear and the dear answer are very easy for example.

But when you see the video on YouTube watching movies listening to cartoon watches

mean you play any video when you play any video before you start the video.

Can a product advertise be a mobile application advertisement and so on when you watch the videos So you will see the advertisement on the right side of the video.

This is the Google AdSense Google AdSense feature advertisements at the end of the video in the middle of the video before the video starts on YouTube and the advertisement of the company that the advertisement is.

Some money Google reserves, it takes some money to YouTube and gives the remaining money to the owner of the video,

so Google AdSense works on YouTube and I hope you have to understand everything I have now. I have a small request to thank you for sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter