get paid to post ads on facebook/ posting ads on facebook for money / how to make money on facebook

get paid to post ads on Facebook/ posting ads on Facebook for money / how to make money on facebook I will show you make money with facebook new and interesting topic

make money with facebook


Hi Friends, We will tell you today that you can earn money from Facebook in advance,

so people are making lots of money from YouTube, but today it has become much easier to earn money from Facebook.

And people in different countries are making millions of millions of money from Facebook. I thought

you could tell people how to make money from Facebook, so a lot of money to make money from Facebook

There are ways but the best ways through which you can actually earn money, we will explain it to

get paid to post ads on facebook

you detailing the article completely. If you are considered to be paid how to make money from Facebook,

then the audience should first tell you this. Facebook is the second network at the world’s second number.

Business people, who are very big businesses. People refer to Google or Facebook for their business advertising,

to advertise their business, business people mostly visit Google or Facebook and make their business advertising

with them. At number one, most people do advertising with Google if you are not about Google Addressing here, you can learn about Google by clicking here

After Google, people also advertise their business through Facebook and you know very well that Facebook

is the most popular social media network that uses children from all over the elderly and By people like business people,

they make their business advertising, so we now tell you how to earn money through Facebook.

The first way to make money from Facebook is to make money.

make money with youtube

first way to make money from Facebook

Just a few days ago, sorry, not just a few days ago, but just a few months ago, Facebook itself said in one of your blogs,

how people can upload videos on YouTube and earn money as well. It is the first way to earn money from Facebook,

and let us know about it in detail. How to upload videos by uploading videos on YouTube, the first number

But through Google Adsense, people earn money by advertising ads on YouTube, but people on

YouTube put Google advertisements on their videos. You do not need to advertise Google ads on your

videos on Facebook, but Facebook will advertise your ads on your videos and earn money. I think it is easier to

earn money from Facebook because Compilation will also be very low, although if you upload videos to YouTube,

one thousand or 2000 people will watch your video at a maximum of one day on your videos, while on facebook

while on Facebook

Facebook page for requirements for making money with facebooks


you have a facebook The pages will be created and the more people you follow, the more people will see your

video and the more you will earn money. It means to understand the meaning of YouTube as videos now uploaded

videos on Facebook and earn money now we tell you that upload videos will be uploaded on Facebook’s

page means that when you want Facebook Even if you see ads on your videos, Facebook has also made a bet like

YouTube. At first, you have to have a number of Facebook Pages or you can not earn any money You will upload them to your

Facebook page, then your Facebook page must be 10000 followers, then your videos should be watched for 3000 minutes.

So if three thousand people watch your videos, then you can make monetization on the subkey page.

get paid to post ads on facebook

• 10000 followers your facebook page

• 3000 minutes watch time on your facebook videos

not any more

If you do both of these things on your Facebook page, then Facebook will make monetization on your page and you will be able to earn money from Facebook.

get posting ads on Facebook


So we have told you the thing that is the most easy task, now we tell you the second through

which you can earn money from Facebook, it is very important to know for you because of Facebook

All the ways to make money will tell you that I have already told you that it is not a matter of telling it again,

and friends tell each other about our Facebook page as well. I can tell you how you like this article,

then the author writes in my mind what I want to tell you now. That can earn money from Facebook

You also have to make a Facebook page for this job, make a number of seeds on Facebook,

then you also need to have 1 website, and you will connect to the website of your Facebook page.

With the help of any article and the benefits you share on your Facebook page from here, it is the benefit of one,

so you will also earn money from your website at the second number. You will also be able to earn money,

get paid to post ads on facebook

but my advice is that you earn money by filling videos on Facebook and earn money. This is the easiest way and friends like Facebook on YouTube Can not upload if you upload someone else’s video to Facebook,

then you will get a copy of which will result in your Facebook page monetization and will not be able to earn money.

If you do not make your videos, then we also tell you how to upload someone else’s video to your Facebook page and earn money.

how to upload videos on facebook page without copyright


If you want to upload someone else’s video to Facebook,

then first you need to do your video editing,

follow some tips, then you can upload your videos to Facebook. And below, we’ll tell you how you’ll edit your videos and upload them.

• first of all download camtasia studio Or else any software

• open your video editing software and insert any video

• first change side your video right to left

• increase spead your videio

• change brightnes your video

• And make your video parts and back them so that you do not have a copyright problem

If you follow the status given by the State, then you will never be able to copy the copyright and you can also upload your videos on YouTube by uploading it and you do not have copyright issues on YouTube. I hope you’ll understand everything I have and let us know our Facebook page

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