Top 10 Best And Real Make Money Online Websites List

Top 10 Best And Real Make Money Online Websites List what is up guys welcome back to another exciting article with your boy kevin david now this article is for you if you are looking for 10 legit websites,

that are not scams that are not going to waste your time but that pay you
daily literally within 24 hours now does that sound too good to be true well so does virtual reality,

avocado toast and boo the dog but those are real aren’t they now in all seriousness there are a lot of websites out there that do want to waste your time,

they do probably want to scam you and they definitely probably don’t want to pay you that much money,

but like always i’ve done all of the work and all of the research for you so you can just sit back relax and watch this,

very short article to learn about the 10 best websites that will pay you literally daily,

within 24 hours and the best part about these websites is you can get paid to do your side hustle quite literally in your underwear,

watching that marathon of the office that i know you’re watching probably right now you get to set your own schedule and the best part of course is you get to earn profit working from the comfort of your own home just using your laptop and if you’re thinking to yourself yes kevin of course i want an online job,

of course i want to work from home but you know i can’t do all that scary coding and technical stuff well the good news is,

there’s no scary or technical stuff whatsoever,

in this actual list because i myself am scared of coding and technical stuff alright so without further ado let’s get into number 10 and count all the way down,

to the number one best website that will pay you

daily within 24 hours website number 10 is called ibotta not to be confused with i bought a hump a lot from austin powers ibotta is actually an

Ibotta – Make Money Online Website

awesome little app and website that allows you to earn

cash literally to shop for groceries and everyday purchases you’d already be paying for whether you’re buying groceries clothing electronics wine or beer i bought a partners with over 1500 brands and retailers to actually bring you

cash back to make purchases you’d already otherwise be making

which basically equates to 100 free money
and all you need to get started is literally just a mobile phone or computer number nine

gig walk – Make Money Online Website

is called gig walk essentially what gig walk does is they’ll pay you to do random tasks that are actually valuable to brands and businesses out there like taking photos of their actual merchandise in a grocery store or supermarket and many other tasks ranging from things that take five minutes even to a few hours

and they generally average paying you between three dollars

to a hundred dollars per task and the cool thing is everything is done through the gig walk app there’s no time sheets or any weird stuff like that everything that you need is literally inside of this beautiful little machine right here that allows you to earn money for performing

simple random tasks that are valuable to businesses out there in the internet world number eight is a website called clearvoice

clearvoice – Make Money Online Website

now what clearvoice does is it allows you to actually create content for huge brands out there that need everyday content

to actually publish on their websites and in their social media

and in their actual email newsletters and in all of the places that massive brands actually publish content every single day and the cool thing is as you actually start to get better at creating content for these large brands you start getting paid more to create that content so if you like writing or you don’t and you just like money then clear voice might be the option for you number seven is called

crowd surf Make Money Online Website

now what crowdsurf does is it actually allows you to get paid to transcribe audio into text which is actually a much harder thing to do

than you might think for a computer i don’t know why i put computer in quotes but
it actually is a much harder thing to do than you might think even

massive multi-billion dollar conglomerates like google

have a hard time with this if you don’t believe me turn the transcriptions on and try to read what i’m saying right now
you as a human understood it but it’s actually much more difficult than you might think

for an algorithm or computer to do it why so many different websites like crowdsurf actually exist and allow beautiful people like you to actually earn money

working from home with this online job turning audio or

video into text number six is called user

user testingMake Money Online Website

now what user testing allows you to do is get paid up to sixty dollars an hour or more

as you actually get better and better at doing the tasks that they require essentially to test out apps and products and services and software that massive heavily funded companies actually need in the form of user testing you know which of course is why the website’s called

user testing and if you’re wondering why on earth would somebody pay me 60 an hour to test a simple piece of software or an app

well there’s massive software companies out there and to them it’s extremely valuable that their software or app is easy to use and so they’re willing to actually outsource that work to beautiful amazing incredible unique people like you

to actually go out and use their app or service to make sure that it has as high as possible usability and yes of course that’s a word number five is called

slice the pieMake Money Online Website

slice the pie which is definitely by far my actual favorite

name for a website or app that we are going to be talking about today but essentially what slice the pie does is pay you for your opinion now is this a survey site

not exactly it’s more like getting paid to actually leave

reviews you give feedback on tracks you give feedback on clothing and the better and more accurate your reviews are for all of the different things they want you to review of course the more money that you can make doing things like leaving simple reviews and if you look on their website over 47 million reviews have actually been left with over 6

million dollars actually being earned that’s a lot of reviews number four is called

chegg tutors – Make Money Online Website

now if you’ve ever been to college or bought a textbook first of all i’m sorry for you and your wallet because i know textbooks can be very expensive

you’ve probably heard of chegg now essentially what chegg

tutors does is it allows you to get paid for that juicy knowledge

that you have up inside your brain and if you’re thinking to yourself but kevin i don’t have any juicy knowledge up inside my brain well

that is a downright lie you are good at something even if you don’t give yourself credit
and somebody somewhere i promise you is willing to pay you

for the information that you’ve got up there and the cool thing about tutoring is

generally it starts at about 20 dollars per hour and you can actually do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have your laptop so if you want to go

to bali if you want to go to a rice field in vietnam as long as you have some internet connection and your laptop you can get paid and even earn a full-time living

to teach people things that you already know just using your laptop and speaking of tutoring
number three is called

cambly now essentially

what cambly does is you teach people from countries all around the world how to speak english now essentially what they do is they pay you by the minute

to have unstructured conversations in english

teaching people actually how to get better at and improve their english which generally equates to about 12 an hour to start

but there are ways to actually start earning more as you get more experience teaching people in other countries how to speak english and one of the cool things about camli is

they’re very flexible you can actually work 24 hours a day
seven days a week as long as somebody wants to talk to you

and you know that’s a problem for me because nobody wants to talk to me but if you want to talk to me then leave a comment down below that says kevin david and like always
your boy will respond and so if you know how to speak english and another language then
who knows maybe cambly might be the right website

or you to make money online and get paid daily number two is called

google opinion rewards

now this is actually from google which is probably a little website that you’ve heard and has literally millions of reviews so you know it’s 100 legit now is this going to make you rich
or are any of these opportunities gonna make you rich probably not

but we’re not trying to get rich we’re trying to make some money that we can actually invest into something a little bit more scalable like ecommerce or social media marketing

or starting our own business and essentially what google opinion rewards is it allows you to actually fill out basic

reviews and surveys um that are valuable to other companies

and get paid to do that because what happens is companies from all around the world will come to google to actually help them

facilitate valuable surveys about their products or services

or company that’s actually valuable to them but they don’t have the technology infrastructure to implement that and so by doing that google actually pays you a percentage of the amount that the company pays google to actually facilitate that survey on their behalf and the

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