how to make money on youtube & create youtube channel

how to make money on youtube with create youtube channel youtube course Hello friends my name is Khurram Shahzad and today

 I thought why not tell you about youtube I will teach you how to create a YouTube channel

 and make money on YouTube, 

my dear friends if If you are a student then I would advise you when you are free not to waste your time, 

rather you work on YouTube but there is a problem for anyone who wants to make money on YouTube channel full information about YouTube. 

No, but we will tell you everything in this course. 

If you buy a YouTube course from any freelancer website then you can take that course. 

They will be expensive, but we will provide you with a free YouTube course and tell you exactly what the course is told because we do not want you to waste your valuable time and even waste money. 

If you read this article thoroughly then I am sure you will be able to make money by making a channel on YouTube and there is not only one way to make money from YouTube but there are many ways. 

Unaware of all these methods, we will share all the ways with you and tell you

 all about them so you can find Don’t worryMy friends I know this article will be much longer but if you read this whole article then not only me but you will be very happy and when you succeed then you will surely miss this article.

 Then re-open this article and share it on Facebook and Instagram as well as everyone else, but currently we start by giving you complete information about this course.

1. How many ways to make money from YouTube?

My dear friends will tell you all about how to make a channel on YouTube and how to make money, 

but first of all in this YouTube course we will tell you how to make money 

from YouTube friends. 

There are several ways. The first of these is Google Adsense, then affiliate marketing business paid promotion etc. etc. 

You might not know the full name by name. About AdSense because it’s the easiest and about 70% of people use it

  • google adsense 
  • paid promotion
  • affiliate marketing
  • product sale

2. google adsense

Friends, first of all I tell you about Google Adsense because I use Google AdSense myself and make money as you read this article you will also see some Google Adsense ads. 

That’s how you earn money by putting Google AdSense ads on your YouTube 

videos, but what I do tell you is, friends business people give Google Adsense money to sell their products more and sell their products. 

Google then advertises their products on advertising websites and YouTube videos. 

Every Google gets some of the money they give to YouTube, 

some of the money goes to the YouTube channel owner, 

just like you have a channel on YouTube, you get paid, but one thing I will tell you. As Google cannot place its own ads on any website or any YouTube 

channel unless the owner of the channel or Lord of the site allows Google to display their ads, about 70% of people will go to YouTube and the web. Make money by placing ads on Google Adsense on the site. 

When you create your channel, 

you will upload videos and get more people watching your videos. 

There will be so many more ads and people will get paid in return so you can make money on YouTube through Google AdSense and now I can tell you the next way.

3. affiliate marketing

My dear friends don’t think how to make money from youtube because i will tell you all the ways to make money from youtube 

first way i have told you google adsense but now let’s talk about affiliate marketing friends google adsense affiliate. 

There is nothing compared to affiliate marketing because the more money 

you can earn through affiliate marketing, 

the more money you can make with Google AdSense because there are some shared web hosting companies that pay $ 65 for a single sale, 

if you have them. If you sell a product of $ 50, then you get $ 65. 

Now I give you an example They made a video on youtube in which you said that Flan Company’s shared web hosting is very good and told about its quality and that your video was viewed by fifty thousand people and only ten of them. If you bought this company’s hosting, 

you can figure out how much money you will make from affiliate marketing by making a channel on YouTube and marketing affiliate marketing on YouTube is a lot of money and we will give you a lot of money. In this YouTube course,

 you will be taught by friends. 

You will not find this type of YouTube course anywhere because we In this course how to make money on youtube & create youtube channel

4. paid promotion

My dear friends, whatever I am teaching you in this course is a very good and excellent course. 

Now, let me tell you one thing, whatever method I am telling you, 

you can apply it all on the same YouTube channel. You mean you created a YouTube channel, you put Google Adsense ads on it, 

then you can do affiliate marketing on the same channel. Then let’s talk about paid promotion friends when your YouTube channel is very The more popular you are, 

the more subscribers you will become, the more people will watch your 

videos, then some people will Now let’s tell you what this paid promotion is about. 


I have a mobile application and I would like you to tell me about my mobile application in your video to let people use my application. In return,

 I will tell you how much money I will give you. 

You can also take a hundred dollars and get $ 500. The more developed your YouTube channel is, the more money you will receive. 

Friends Paid Promotion Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing All of this you can do on one channel and firstly you need to link your channel In this course I will tell you how to grow the most and how you will do it

5. product sale

Whether you have a business or a small shop in which you sell your products, if you make a video of your product and upload it to the YouTube channel,

 you will still benefit. How many people will buy the product most of your 

street and neighborhood but if you make a video of the product and upload it to your YouTube channel then people will watch your video for example ten thousand people. 

If a thousand of these people also watch your video when you watch your 

video, then you can imagine yourself making money from YouTube. 

So what is the point now and yes friends make videos of your product and 

upload it to your channel also put Google Adsense ads on your YouTube 

channel thus you will be making double money first. If your product is sold 

then Google Adsense ads will appear and you will also get their money so you can make a lot of money from YouTube. 

Now you can tell someone like you on the YouTube course.

 What is a guide Friends now I will tell you how to make a channel on YouTube and thank you for watching this course.

6. how to create youtube channel

My dear friends start the next part of the course In the first part I told you how you can make money from YouTube and

 I have given you tips on how to make money from YouTube but not on the channel of YouTube Without you, you cannot upload videos to YouTube. 

If you no longer upload videos to YouTube, 

people will not watch your video or your business will succeed or if your product is not sold and then you will not receive any money. 

In this course we will teach you how to create a channel on YouTube and we will walk you through how to become a successful To create a YouTube channel, 

you must first create a Gmail account, 

but before I can create a Gmail account, 

I think one of the first things I need to tell you first is that the topic on which to create videos is Topic. You choose, for example, 

you want to tell people what to do to stay healthy about health, then you’ll make your YouTube channel about health before you can create the Gmail account you want. 

Name both the email and the name of the email and the same name on your YouTube channel e.g.

  • your gmail name, health tips
  • and email,
  • youtube channel , health tips

7. how to create gmail account

My dear friends like I told you first you have to create Gmail and in Gmail you will type your first name and second name and your email address 

to all the topics on which you want to make videos. 

You will type in your channel name as well. For example, if you want to make videos about health 

then you will have your first name Health and another name in your Gmail. Then your email will be

 It has a lot of benefits. First of all, you will become a brand. Secondly, 

your YouTube channel which you create will be very successful. Because everything will be in the same name, 

now your name is also your health Your email is also the name of your YouTube channel Health and what you upload videos will also be about health. 

YouTube auto robots will never have a hard time understanding what topic you want to work on because you are working with keyword targeting. 

Friends will not tell you this in any YouTube course. 

Video I won’t tell you this and only in this course I am telling you this is a great secret so your channel will grow so fast that you Can’t think first you write your first name second write your email write password write phone number and select your country in which country you live then your gmail will be ready. 

I’ll tell you how to create a channel on YouTube and how to make money

8. open youtube

Now that you have created your Gmail account, then you open YouTube, 

then you will enter YouTube exactly as you see in the picture, then click on where you sign in to YouTube. 

Signing in with the same Gmail account you just created a Gmail account will not be told to you in any course. 

Now I will tell you once again. 

The Gmail account you have to create is the same name you will create videos and upload to your channel 

first name and second name followed by your email. Umm you must have been sign in to YouTube

9. create a channel

My dear friends as you see in the picture we have signed in youtube then you have to click on where we have marked then after this you will get many 

options but you have Create a channel on youtube then create a channel 

that is written there and click on it we have also checked so that you can understand.

These are the new YouTube features. Click to get started

You are being asked to create a channel on YouTube. 

Do you use the same name you created in Gmail or if you use your own custom name, I would suggest that you use the same name. 

Use what I have written in Gmail that I have already told you and then tell you that your YouTube channel will grow very quickly. 

The benefits are so many. Will tell friends to share this course with your 

friends so that even those who are not yet making money on YouTube see this course and learn it and so forth. 

People preferred to share this course

My dear friends, first of all you will have your profile photo uploaded. 

Whatever picture you want to put in the profile you upload the picture if you do not put a profile picture

 then it will be quite a loss because I want you to have a full YouTube Create a Channel 

This way YouTube will give you a lot of priority anyway YouTube likes new people a lot more then you will write down the details about your youtube 

channel about what made you a YouTube channel. 

Upload videos Write about your product Tell Business About Website Website b Write about the videos Write the full details After writing this Create a Facebook Page 

Put this link here It is also very important then you also put the link to Twitter and Instagram 

This way your brand Will become a full YouTube channel and I am telling you again here that you have to give all the information otherwise your YouTube channel will be incomplete. I hope you understand my point.

Friends Now that your YouTube channel is ready I will now tell you how to upload videos, write video description tags,

 insert thumbnails, then how do you get Google AdSense approval. We will let you know

10. how to upload video on youtube

My dear friends you have made a successful channel on youtube also wrote all the social media links in the description 

of the channel also added the link to your website added the profile photos but now we have to upload the video to youtube 

We’ll tell you how to do it and how to get Google Adsense approval on your 

YouTube channel and when you will be eligible for Google AdSense, as we have seen in the photo. 

Shown above is a movie icon you are watching click on it then you will be given two options first option 

is your computer or mobile Upload the video made from the earl which is

 saved to your computer or mobile and the other option is to create a live video of the director. 

Currently we will upload the video and we will click on the load button.

As soon as the friends click on the upload button then your window will open in front of you as you see in the picture 

but here you are given four options. 

The first option is to upload your video. 

Make your video public as soon as your video is uploaded, 

so people can watch your video, and the second option is to list your video.

 The third option is to make your video private and the last option is your own. Schedule a video when you want to publish a video but YouTube says something like when you upload your video keep it private because you 

Make enough settings to write video description is to write video title give tags

 and upload video thumbnail so keep your video private when you are done setting your video complete Publish and I’ll advise you to keep the video private before uploading. Now we will upload the video.

11. video title description and tags setting

The video has been uploaded successfully and you are watching well I have uploaded the video privately 

and no one can see my video now because I will be setting up my video first and with you as well. 

Now, first of all, we will write the title of our video. Now you know what the title is to write because you know what topic you 

are making the video for and on which topic you want to upload the video. 

What the video uploaded was a song and now I have given the title of it. Very important is if you want your video 

to be ranked on YouTube as soon as possible then you should give your video description according to the title of the video. Write the same in the 


Then in the video description you also tell people about health what we have to tell you health tips in the video so your video will be rank very quickly

 friends so you have no course And I urge you to share this course again and ask your friends to share the course. 

Then come the tags. Then you will also tag the video according to your health. You can write about tags. You can also give tags about health.


health,health tips,health tips for man,health tips for woman

12. advance settings

Friends now talk about advanced setting First of all you have your video caption description tags and thumbnails 

but advanced setting lets you select the language of your video besides what language your video is. 

Video How old do people want to view your video in which country they use it or whether you are uploading your video for everyone to use? 

You also upload your video history. 

All this you can do is setting here you want to allow comments below the video below or not. 

Now I tell you when your channel means your YouTube channel will be much more developed then a lot of your subscribers will be. 

Then how can you approve Google AdSense on your YouTube channel? And then how to make money from 

youtube sorry i have made you know how to make money now i am telling you how to get google adsense 

approval on your youtube channel and google adsense approval We now tell you what the terms and conditions are for

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