how to promote youtube videos / youtube promotion / promote youtube channel

how to promote youtube videos/youtube promotion / promote youtube channel

how to promote your youtube videos for best and top freeways

 1. promote youtube videos

Today we will tell you how you can free your YouTube videos freely, read this article completely. You will get a

great guide when a new YouTube channel is created Videos is uploaded to YouTube after the video does not come.

to light or quickly make a YouTube channel, then what should be the way people watch

videos on youtube videos

as much as they watch video Tell you what you follow well if your YouTube videos

will come as quickly as

possible. This is the first of all. Ryqh you will very quickly see the videos on YouTube which lets

you promote your YouTube videos through Google AdWords

This is the best way to promote your YouTube videos, so many people will visit your YouTube videos and people will see your videos through Google AdWords if you promote your YouTube videos. Within a few days, your channel will grow too much, but its biggest loss is that it is not free,

but it will make money mean that you pay your YouTube videos by making money Can you think why not first of all,

you are not freelance, but to be told to be paid money, by paying a lot of money to your YouTube videos soon People can bring their YouTube videos promo and get subscribers more and more, subscribers

will come when people will see your videos and people watch your video when you promote your video.

The best way to promote the video is that Google AdWords can show your videos as much as you want by promoting your YouTube videos.

People will watch your video and you But it can also do what country you want to show your video,

for example, if you are clean You live in and you want to show your video to the people of Italy,

2. so you can set

so you can set it in Google AdWords to see only your videos and the Italian people, apart from this you can also set the city which you can set. From the city, you want to watch your video from the city,

to see your video in the city, how people see your video. All this is what you can do in Google AdWords and show your video to people of every category. For example, people with just the technology

you want can set up if you watch your video but you are reading money Then there is another way through which you can promote your YouTube videos and also make your YouTube channel pro board.

 3. promote youtube with facebook

Apart from this, you can also watch your YouTube videos by Facebook, using Facebook, you can bring a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel,

so we told you that your YouTube via Google AdWords You can also promote your YouTube channel by using Facebook as well,

it is also a good source of access to YouTube channel development and you can also use it for free. You can also do it if you use it freely,

then you’ll get traffic easily, very few people, your YouTube The video will look but if you make money the way you paid Google AdWords

to prompt the YouTube channel, in the same way, if you also pay Facebook, people soon on your YouTube videos Will come and watch

your videos because of which your YouTube channel will grow very quickly and I think both of these

platforms are very good, both of them are using the best of promoting YouTube videos. There are many other ways we will tell you,

but if you also pay Facebook, then your YouTube Many people on the audio will come to your video and your video

will be locked because your subscribers will grow too much. I use myself.

4. promote youtube channel with google plus

Google Plus’s power may not you guys know Google Plus is a platform through which you can promote your YouTube videos,

they will not even have to pay you money without paying for your money. You will start developing and you can use

it well if you share your YouTube videos on Google Plus, so soon people will see your YouTube video because of your Challenge

will develop your videos will develop if you want people to try, search for a video on YouTube or

you can search for this YouTube If you check out the video link you get the first number of videos,

then you will find out how often this video is shared on google plus. Google Plus is a huge platform and You are

free to pay, you will not have to pay money on Google AdWords, and videos are promoted to promoting videos on Facebook,

but if you create your own page on Facebook If you make a chat there, then you will not be able to pay money

but Google Plus is free and you will see a lot of people, so Google Plus It is necessary to promote the video

5. facebook groups

First of all, we have told you that you can promote your YouTube videos through Facebook.

Now you will also see the freelance method to open your Facebook account. After that you will open your Facebook account.

There will be a number of seeds in which millions of people are present and will search for groups in which there are hundreds

of people who live online all the time, and most of you are people who associate with YouTube.

Target the people who work on YouTube Follow groups such as big groups on Facebook, in which millions

There are people working on such groups Find out then link your YouTube videos to the inside

of the pages that pages you’ve searched for on Facebook for YouTube videos, plus big groups that

make links to your YouTube videos links. Lion people who are interested in watching your videos will click on your

video by clicking on your video directly on YouTube and watch your video and it’s free.

6. WhatsApp groups for youtube videos promoting

You can also save your YouTube videos through the Wats app, they will not have to pay free freely,

you first need to do this job for the people you’ve searched for on Facebook and the groups. Similarly,

there are also large groups on the Wats app that contain hundreds of people who live online all the time,

join a group of such groups and promote your videos. A very durable way is to copy and paste the link of

your YouTube videos to people in this Watts app group and tell people in the message. You will see a video about what you have used in your video and

7. youtube videos  thumbnail

The thumbnail you make on YouTube videos is very important for people to keep in mind that this

thumbnail should be like your video and your thumbnail on the video If you look also, anyone who looks

at them should be forced to watch your video, say that yes, I will watch this video mandatory.

But do not do that something else inside the video and something else in the thumbnail, taking any thumbnail

you’ve taken from within the video, taking a nice shot of it with a nice screenshot it well by the Adobe Photoshop.

Advertise with your YouTube videos as thumbnail Now about nine percent of the people watch video thumbnail

watching video thumbnail and start watching the video so that thumbnails are good to watch any video So they can watch your video

8. blogger for videos promoting on youtube

You can also turn on YouTube videos by Blogger. You can turn on your YouTube channel.
And this is also free of charge,

you will not have to pay any money for it. It’s absolutely free. The biggest advantage is that your YouTube video will

be the biggest backup link from here and your channel You will start developing very soon before you do

everything you need to keep in mind when you start making a blogger, write the name of the blogger as well as the name of your YouTube channel.

And how this is called, we also tell you before you need to tell me anything else before you upload YouTube to

your Blog Support blogger, also help you to help it. Your youtube channel, which will start coming to Google Search

too soon, which people will search for your video on Google, your video will also appear on Google,

it is a great benefit. They work on YouTube to use their Blogger to turn on their YouTube video

• create free blogger Blogspot

• sign in google

• search

• sign in blogger

• name your website

• and done will complete your blogger Blogspot website just 5 minutes

Here are some ways that you can turn on your youtube channel and YouTube videos and maximize your subscribers, but remembering one thing is the same as the video looks good if your content tail So, whatever video you see will definitely subscribe to your face and also make your video light, it’s most important to be good for your video if your video is good. It is the most important thing that people liked to see your video

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