rank website on google first-page step by step full guide for beginners best and powerful google ranking tips

rank first page on google live my best friends My dear and dear friends If you want to rank your website at the first number on Google’s first page,

then you will have to read the article as a whole because today I am writing to you any website or any article in this article.

In a few days, I’ll tell you how to rank Google’s first page and this article will be very

helpful for you if you blog or you have a website and you do business on your website

product sales If you do not have a rank in Google, then create a blog or do an online service you have provided.

Benefits, First of all, I offer some questions before you because these questions have been asked for me a lot

1. How do you rank a new website?

My friend’s first question will be how to rank a new website on Google, then my friends if you’ve created a new blog a few days or a few months ago,

then this website takes some time to get a ranking in Google.

It will take a little while, some people want they to create a website today and their website will be ranked in Google tomorrow,

then it may not happen if you are looking for such a way that your blog Or within 4 days

the new website will rank in Google within two or four days if it is not possible that it is a very misunderstanding.

2. How do you increase your Google ranking for free?

My dear and dear friends, as much as I know or what I know, I’ll tell you everything else.

The second question is that many people search Google for how to increase web rankings completely free on Google.

create a website 

Let me give you right now. I will tell you how to process your website if you follow them,

you will definitely be able to increase your web rankings in free Google My dear and dear

friends if you have this article You will not be able to rank on the first page of your website Gul

How do I increase my visibility on Google?

What are the most important Google ranking factors?

Apart from this, there will be some more questions in your mind, because I have all these questions done with me.

Friends In this article, I will teach you a complete SEO and tell you how to record the

article on your website or your article on Google’s first page.

3. search keyword on google

My dear and dear friends Now you can carefully read this article. First of all, whatever

keywords you want to write, you will search the word on Google as you are looking for in the picture. Is rank website on google 

I search this keyword on google

rank website on google

Friends to show you I’ve searched a word in Google exactly as you also have to search in your Google account,

meaning that you want to write the article on the topic you want Google to search for.

What is the search when you click on the search button,

then you will get ten articles in front of it, plus where we’ve marked it if you’re considering how much Google is showing on there?

Nearly 620,000,000 results are available on this word, meaning that 620,000,000 articles are written so much on this word,

but now you will be worried that so many articles are written, then how do we record your

article in Google? I do not need to worry because I’ll tell you Google’s ranking factors

My friends, now you have to do the same by keyword the same

“rank website on google” search this keyword

and show result

first type” and your keyword and ” search this is a most very imported trick

 rank website on google

first image result 620,000,000

about 11000 result

Friends, Now I’ve researched the same password again, but before writing this bar,

“I’ve marked it, then wrote my keyword” after I marked it and now you can see the

reselect both the pictures. Consider how many articles Google is showing to you in the second image,

the advantage of which I told you in the truck is the fact that the people who have written the article on its exact word will show us the same.

4. analyze first 10 articles

My dear and dear friends, I’ve told you the way I’ve told you how to search for a keyword

on Google, and this way you will not tell any blogger and using this method,

you can rank your website on Google’s first page. Do not need to use any paid tool that will tell you how to do it

Friends are now ten articles in front of you on the first page and open these articles first check the length of articles. How many words are written in the article,

then check both the website’s domain authority and page authority.

First of all, you have to check backlinks on the first page on Google’s first-page article.

The first thing to write is the article on the first page on Google’s first page to write in the

article above, then on Google’s first page Article rank is its backlink you have to make more than backlink create backlink

5. on page SEO

How to do my dear and dear friends friend SEO, because if you want to do your article or

rank your website in Google then it is necessary that you have the best and the perfect

input SEO. Write a title Before you start the title, write your keyword as I wrote,

then use your first paragraph, use your keyword at least 4 times. Now my keyword is how to rank the web in Google Then I Google Website

Website Google and rank These keywords you repeatedly use in your article will be the URL of your article. It also needs to be your password. Seed Seo

6. backlinks

After you write your article, you make backups for your article because without any

backlinks in today’s history, you can not rank any of the articles on Google’s first page,

it is necessary if you first use your article to Google If you want to make the backlink of your article, how to make backlinks,

we have written a complete article about how you can make our backlinks by reading the article. create a backlinks

7. social sharing

My dear friends have a lot of power in social media Social media power you do not know if you want to rank your website on Google’s first page, then write down the articles you are

using as a Facebook Twitter and any social media.

Share your website or your article so that your article on your site will be ranked on Google’s first page soon.

8. website speed

Google’s websites rank speed faster and ranked sites in which the sites’ speed is slow, that means that the site will gradually rank,

then first of all your website’s speed Increase the speed of your website as high as possible and now I’ll tell you more.

9. golden tip

My favorite friends I told you most importantly, now I’m going to tell you and that’s what your article user should be friendly, what does this mean,

any user After reading your article on your website or your article,

your second article also reads that the user does not come back after coming to your site, but stay late on your website. Your web site will have a watch time increase,

and the more time users will stay on your website,

your web site does not have any backlinks any social media any promotions.

Not necessarily if a user comes on your web site and gets more time staying on your web

site, then no one can save your website from being ranked and share this article as well. Makes it right