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technology – Human and Technology and Science rong no1 And we all know the world about the world, we tell you about the world, science tells us about scientists about what science has done, we will tell you the whole world has done so far. We tell you about

technology news

technology - Human and Technology and Science rong no1technology – Human and Technology and Science rong no1 And we all know the world about the world,

we tell you about the world, science tells us about

My dear and dear friends will enjoy you today,

we will tell you about technology and science and you will enjoy a lot of reading about technology and how much the development

has developed.

We will tell you more detail about science as well as the condition that Science has to be completed,

so my dear and dear friends since the human being is born on earth.

From today to time there is only one thought of human being to experience a new experience of moving forward,

now nobody knows when a man is on earth.

It has happened, but someone has created a human being and created us,

God who created all the humans on this holy land, and gave such a lot of blessings, we can not even imagine when man was born on earth.

At that time humans had nothing to do with forest and animal and silence, but humans could not imagine so much development.

You estimate yourself, a man is sitting in the United States, the other man is sitting in Germany thousands of fairs Both of them are in the distance,

but both still talk face to face.

Man stepped on the moon

Before the rain comes, man finds out when rain It is time to sit in thousands of miles and talk with a

human being.

One person carrying thousands of humans together,

can go anywhere I can make the machine so much with the help of the ship.

If we consider it a little bit, our mind will be surprised, finally it has gone to humans,

nothing is just the brain, with which today a thousand miles of travel can be fixed in a few hours, man moves in the air. It also takes up and even keeps the moon on the Moon even a few days ago

The earth has not left the earth even on earth;

Man went on the moon and also flown on the moon. Now it is different that man went to the moon.

It is okay, but a few days ago some scientists of China But China’s scientists tried to grow the crop on the moon tested my crop.

My mind was amazed,

the earth was less, to grow the grain that you went to the moon,

then today they developed the

Chinese scientists to grow Love one more inch container to grow its crop, used water,

fertilizer and soil inside it, and mustard the inside of the container

And cotton seeds have been tasted and they have recently been shown clearly in pictures of the cotton seeds, which means that humans

have become so much more impressed towards growth that we can not even imagine. In some time, if you wanted to talk to

some of your relatives, then you had to travel two or three days to go to your relative and meet her relative to her relative.

Speaking with her sad sadness, she would open her heart and talk with her relatives, but today technology

has grown so much if any problem or If you are worried you can call thousands of miles away from one of your relatives in a few minutes, you can talk to me now I try to tell you something more.

technology news mobile phone

Many years ago, you would know about Graham Bull and let the deaf children teach.

The teachers in the school

were often thought to hear how the sound reaches to another person.

They used to think when we give a sound to another person, our sound gets found in the waves

and the waves occur in other human ears due to which we hear our sound on the other person. The first

step started to experiment, so people

thought it was a game, whenever they were a new experience, they would have experienced their

experience. I go to the people and go

and see people go and go to their homes, but people never knew that Graham-Bell would give a new

turn to the world. Describe a

technology in the world. We will bring technology in the world with the help of which we can talk to

anyone with thousands of miles away,

then Graham Bull made the phone, gradually technology was developed more slowly, technology

eventually increased so much.

Now that we can talk to each other in front of the face, yes, how far does the man not sit away but we

You can talk face-to-face with

other humans through the phone. This is also a great technology in the world of technology and you use

this technology every time you use it,

and I think you are now five years old All of them take advantage of this technology, and this technology

is with every specialist

technology plane

The human race is not kept, but the person moving forward in the world of technology,

man has never seen the world of technology turning back and made a ship,

and making such a ship, the surprises disappear, it becomes surprising that people have a long time You

travel a few ships through which people are killed, some ships through which people are saved, as

technology progressed forward, the person drowned every disease through technology. There is also a

disease in science, it is a disease that humans make robots like their own and technology A person’s

heart of such a development can be transferred to another person, a human being can die in another

human being,

but his nature is applied to another human being, it says that technology just a few days ago. It is interesting that scientists have discovered

how to charge mobile phones through WiFi and I am so surprised to hear that mobile phones and small

things can be charged via WiFi on the clothes placed on the table. The way the windows can be charged through the cell phone can be charged. The scientists can take the form of another human being, by

surgery, you can do the same as the appearance of another person.

Recently, a young Australian teenager surges eleven times to look like Michael Jackson, the young Michael of Australia. Jackson’s great fan was also technologically you can put another human face on your face.

technology news

My dear and dear friends today have been created such robots that teach children, work in school, work in the school,

and do things that can not be done by a normal human being, by grinding them into small and trenches. The big work

is done in a few moments, the oil is removed from the ground and the vehicles made by the vehicles made so much easier,

sitting on the bike given to the people you can go anywhere and it is surprising that only the bike And there are only two wheels, but still you do not do it’s not the technology, you wake up from your home early in the morning.

My dear and dear friends call it technology,

when you get out of the house, lock your door if it is not technology, there was a time on human man,

there was no clothes to wear but you Do not wear it, do not wear it. It looks like it was time to see the sun, but you do it in front of your

hands and see the timing watch on your hands and see your time, do not have this technology. Your hair is white but you still call your hair dryer,

is not it a technique Yes, you eat, do not you eat this technology? My dear and dear friends have all the technologies that you do from

morning to evening and from evening till morning, and you have to obey it if you If you do not agree, then leave the car, ride on the horse

Do not fire through the gas burn the fire with the woods and cook the food Do not use the mobile phone Do not wear the clock because it

is all technology and finally my dear and dear friends If you like this article, then I have a small request for you to share it with social media. Thanks, thank you Thanks Thank you Thank you


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