technology news Why is the virus coming from Bluetooth?

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technology news Why is the virus coming from Bluetooth? Today, we will tell you about Bluetooth that causes viruses to cause you more trouble.

technology Why is the virus coming from Bluetooth?

technology news Why is the virus coming from Bluetooth?
technology news Why is the virus coming from Bluetooth?

My dear and dear friends today, we will tell you about technology, about Bluetooth,

it is obviously it is a very popular technique that the child goes about it, most people think that If their

mobile’s Bluetooth has been active then their mobile battery will end soon because it is Extra Future, so

their mobile battery will end soon but my dear and dear friend, it is a very wrong mistake. Undoubtedly

your mobile battery will not end due to Bluetooth, now I also give you another answer.

Some people say Some of the people who speak from

the Bluetooth radio station say some children’s parents use wire-blended Bluetooth because it radiates the radiation you will become mad or you will die.

My dear and dear friends There is nothing because if that happens, guess yourself in the whole world, how many people

use blue tooth, why do not people tell me anymore later, if you are using a third device Device uses 1000ml power


while you have headphones only one and only one million power And then how can you be mad if you’re using the 3g device,

then your mind 1000 ml W is the energy I so do not think that one was watts more than a thousand no damage to

Next question and if you do your own Bluetooth,

anyone can steal your mobile data, but some people hide their Bluetooth IDs and they think they are absolutely safe but not so Even though your

Bluetooth ID does not seem to be visible to anyone, but people who are exchangers find your blog easily, after that many people have a Blue

Casual default password, do not change it. Make a big mistake because you should switch your default Bluetooth account if you do not mind your Bluetooth Easy to Hack Anyone can steal your

mobile data because usually a Bluetooth password is usually 000000 or one or 123456, then you understand that you The mobile data is not safe,

hopefully you understand what I mean and today I know you guys share this article on social media because you are my best friend.

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