technology news Why windows are outdated?

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technology news Why windows are outdated? Can we use one window for the whole life, today we will tell you about why the Company updates the window, we will tell you about it in detail.

technology  Why windows are outdated

technology news Why windows are outdated?
technology news Why windows are outdated?

My dear and dear friends will be using windows in your computer but you may not notice one thing

whenever you install a window in your computer, after a few days or after a month. The computer gives

you messages about updating the window. Why it does not matter why we are the one can not use the

window for the whole life, why it is also a Windows Update without an issue.

What is the problem about it? Want to explain to you if you are interested in technology, then about technology on our website.

My dear and dear friends used to have a popular operating system and they are Windows XP,

but you know that Windows XP support has ended in 2014.

You do not have to see any new updates in Window XP.

The company also announced that Windows XP’s new update will no longer come,

what is the reason now, Windows 7 will also support for Windows CE in the coming year. What is the reason it will not be updated?

My dear and dear friends,

whenever you get a new update on your computer, it is because the company

means the company you are using the window sends the company to you and send it to this company. Whenever a bug or virus comes inside the window or if any problem comes,

it can be done now that the company can not do so in the meantime,

fix every computer and fix your computer.

If the bug or virus has been installed within the company, then the company does the company with a

new update and it is operating as an update.

The window inside the streams sends them an update as soon as you turn on the computer,

you get an update and update your window, any virus or bug in your window will end. Therefore, the

company sends the editorial but

technology news

my dear and dear friends will not get the window soon

you will not receive in the coming year. We also tell you about the friend’s window you use on

your computer. The obvious thing is that you do not buy because the window does not buy everyone, almost most people download their computer from their computer.

I install the windows that have computers at home, but those who have large companies are purchased and installed because the company can do it on the company.

The company can ask them that brother bought you without our window. Why are you using but those who live in the village or people who use computers now at home do not use most windows, but also install the company

from their internet and then install the company. The company does not have much benefit, therefore the company is harming the company, so that the company may disclose the window’s schedule It is obviously the company who has the workers who are working,

people are also paying them money and if the company loses, then why the company will send an update so that you can not get a Windows Live update in the coming year. It does not mean that the company will shut down

In fact, the company will introduce 1 new window and the company will start submitting its update, but people who do not use the

Internet in their computers can use Window Sone, but those who use the Internet window for them Using suture is not a risky risk if you have any

harmful window using the cell phone then the company will not be responsible because the company has announced that you can not use window saves.

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