technology news A young man married a robot

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technology news A young man married a robot, Of course, you are well-married to people who are well-married

technology  A young man married a robot

technology news A young man married a robotNow people are making robots their girlfriends are marrying robots, My dear and dear friends, Well,

I do not write such news on my website but also about technologies, then I thought why Not even so

much about technology to tell you, it is not wrong to play games on my dear and dear friends mobile.

It is not wrong to use Facebook, it is not wrong to make friends with girls,

it is not wrong to make a robot So there is a lot of technology and it is not wrong to take advantage of

technology, even though

I am in the previous article I have come to know that a report has been made that helps children educate children and play with children,

such a robot is built, it is also a technology but my dear and dear friends you guys have robbed your girlfriend There is a tradition


of making a friend. People are making robots their friends as their friends. They are not finished till now, but people are also getting

married with robots. I am so surprised that people have finally done what is happening. Robots are also married because robots

are also a technology, they will be mad in marriage with no technology If you read any news about it, and I’ll tell you something

technology news today

technology news today35 years aki ki honu Japan’s marriage with a robbery made by her own one, also hid the card and got

married too. It’s a very surprising thing she loved with her own report and she got married to her own

robot. People sent to the prepared people were also happy, because people are getting married at the

age of 35, it is very good but when people come to know that this girl is getting married with her own

robots. So people refused to get married, we tell you something else about the robots This report looks

like a human being. It seems as if it is a human being and this robot speaks like a human being, apart

from this person also knows the greed. It is a very good thing that it will be a lot of benefit, but the wedding with the machine Hey Baba,

this can not happen, so some crazy will do this, hope you’ve liked this article and you will have a very good news of technology

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