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Telenor call packages dhamaka offer daily 3days weakly monthly Friends Tell us about

Telenor call packages today so that you can talk to us about the telephone number of talkshawk networks that thepost

you make as much as the cheapest call you talk about with your friends and relatives. My dear friend My name is Khurram Shahzad

If you use Networks, then you should have the full number of call packages you

have and that you can call any phone number without any package. If you get more money but if you want to talk with a friend,

just an hour then you can call an hourly Telenor call package with a cheaper rate, but if

you do not make a package, then you Even if you use Telenor internet, then you are in our second article, Telenor Internet.

Ykjz can get information about you and in this article we Telenor

1 .Telenor 24 hours daily call packages

My dear friends, First of all, we’ll tell you about 24-hour calling packages so that if you want to call just one day

or more for 24 hours longer, then I would advise you only one and only one Use the Telenor’s day package for the day and besides this,

I would like to give you an important notice that the packages we make to you are

changing because the company reduces the rate by making a package increase.

So that’s exactly the same as Telenor’s call packages,

and besides this you can tell us everything you tell us about the time.

After that, add your favorite choice and make a gift with your loved ones. Enjoy fun and I’ve already told you and now I am telling you the company can switch any package at

any time. It is not responsive and please give this proof the proof of being a good human being by sharing on social media

Telenor best pkr 6 10,000 On-net minutes 2 hours   *345*20#  
Telenor 24 hours  pkr 10 10,000 On-net minutes Valid from 6 AM to 6 PM   *345*006#  
Telenor one day  pkr 13 Unlimited calls 24 Hours   *5*250#  
Telenor cheap price  pkr 15 50 On-net minutes 24 Hours       *240#  
Telenor 100 Minute  pkr 18 100 On-net minutes 24 Hours   *050#  


2. Telenor 3days call packages

My dear friends If you do business, you call too many Telenor,

then you can save your money by using a three-day Telenor call package.

We provide you with a list of Telenor’s three call packages.

You can put any kind of love to your loved ones and talk with your loved ones,

apart from the religion that we give you, there is no guarantee for them. It can be closed or you can read or print a package’s purchase

Telenor 3 Days Package pkr 24 100,000 On-net minutes   just 3 Days 6 AM to 6 PM)  *345*626#  
3Day Packages pkr 34 100,000 minutes   3 Days  7 PM to 10 PM *345*299#  
Telenor 3 Din Package pkr 40 250 On-net minutes   best 3 Days 24 hours  *5*3#  
3 Day pkr 39 600 On-net minutes   only3 Days *345*243#  


3. Telenor talkshawk Weekly Call Packages


Telenor weekly Offer Pkr 50 1200 On-net minutes   7 Days only my Telenor app  
7 days best Pkr 86 500 On-net minutes   7 Days Dial *345*247#  
Telenor 7days packages Pkr 95 1000 On-net minutes   7 Days Dial *5*7#  
Telenor EasyCard Pkr 150 500 On-net minutes   7 Days only my Telenor app  

4. monthly call package


 EasyCard Pkr 600 2000  minutes 150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet data, 2000 SMS 30 days load only easy card  
Telenor Package 418 Pkr 3000 minutes 3000 SMS, 300MBs internet data 30 Days Dial *345*30#  
Telenor EasyCard 600 Pkr 2000 minutes 150 Off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2000MB internet data 30 Days load only easy card  
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