top and Very important health tips for man and woman 2019

top and Very important health tips for man and woman 2019 Today we will tell you how you can stay healthy, what you need to do every day,

because of which you will be healthy because this article is for boys and girls and children for everyone if

you want to be healthy If you want to live a healthy life then I request you to read the article completely health tips

health tips for man and woman

top and Very important health tips for man and woman 2019If my dear and dear friends, brothers, and sisters today, I am not going to tell you any doctor or teacher if

you are going to give me health tips if you have a doctor who will tell you the health tips if anyone And

if the doctor tells you then he will take a lot of fees for you and friends will read all their articles on the

Internet, many people have given health tips and I will give you health tips and friends. First of all, I know

that one thing is always to remember, if there is health, it is everything if there is no health, then nothing

if you have health There is nothing wrong with you, nothing is good for you, so friends are most

important to stay healthy and stay healthy in some of you Tips will give you tips if you follow them, then

I can say with a claim that you will enjoy a very healthy and healthy health, take care of your health,


mom dad

care of your children’s health, your mother’s health Take care of me and I think mother and father care about both

of them is the most important thing. You should be more than your mother and your father Take care of the ultimate

because whatever you are today is due to your mother and father your mother and father taught you a very well

educated mother and father for you whatever you ask for If you have any questions about yourself, they have definitely

raised you with a lot of lord and love, and at the place, you have reached today, only because of the hard work of your parents.

That’s why I say first of all you take care of your mother and father’s health. It is important to you that I think this is a loan over you, now we tell you what to do to be healthy. Must not

1. health tips morning

The first health tips I am going to give is sleeping Sleep and my dear and dear friends, how long should you

sleep, when you sleep in the morning, morning cats wake up sleepy, it does not depend on you, but we

do not depend on you According to the health tips you will tell, you have to complete your sleep. First of

all, we will tell you when you wake up early in the morning. When you wake up early in the morning,

friends with sleep when the sun comes out. You should be awakened by sleeping at least 2 hours before sunrise,

lest you get out of the sun and you still have a sleep in the bed. Before 2 hours before you have to wake up sleeping

and you should go asleep as early as possible in the evening and I think you should sleep for at least eight hours now,

8 hours does not mean that you have four hours Take sleep in the night and take four hours a day, but you need

to sleep for only eight hours in the entire night. If you sleep, your health will not remain healthy, you should

sleep early in the morning and the sun in the morning Wake up before sleeping before awakening, your face will be refreshing and you will be completely

healthy All day you will keep quiet It will be nice and lightweight, taking more sleep will not maintain your health. This is my first health tips

if you make all my health tips as usual, I hope you are very good and You will always be healthy, you will always be healthy now I tell you ahead of the morning, it means that you have to do more now.

2. health  morning exercise

Dear and dear friends, you will have to work for a while when you wake up from sleep, and people

currently do this at home at home, exercise is very important to stay healthy. It does not mean that you

exercise your room in a closed room at your home, and you will not have much to do with how much

work you need to do and where you need to know it will tell you that your health will remain healthy.

You will be very good and healthy and this is a very good health advice, so when you wake up from

sleep you have to get out of the house. If you live in the city, then you go to a nearby garden where

trees are flowers, where there are flora trees where it is green or if you live in villages then what is the

matter where you go out there Where there are trees in the grass, there are flowers, going there, you

have to take a long walk after going and you have to take a long time breathing your friends and take a

breath in the way and breathing when you have completed. You have to get out of the mouth, breathing

the way of the nose you have to breathe and leave the mouth’s mouth

breathing and you have to take a


long breath. Your kidneys will become fascinating as soon as possible, you will feel hungry too long and take longer

long breath and friends keep in mind that breathing is to take you to the nose and to prevent breathing and

The job is to go out to Harali where green fruits are fruit trees, so your health will be good and this is also a good health tips. Now I tell you the next thing I tell you now What to do next

3. Drink the water

My dear friends, when you exercise, after exercise I have told you that you have to take a long breath,

then you will feel hungry after your life Now you have to do the next thing you have to do. You have to

drink water as much as you can and water you have to say goodbye before you have a drink before

drinking a lot of benefits, that is a benefit, so I tell you so much that I Can not tell that morning water is

so beneficial for drinking water and drinking water as much as your friends, in such a way you will be

able to wash and complete your You will have to urine after that, then you must urine your urine. Now

you are completely fried. It is a very good health advice and I think if you ask a doctor. What are the

benefits of drinking water in the morning, if you tell the doctor all its benefits, then why do I have to say

that there are so many advantages to drink water and drink that I am writing this article. You have to

exercise long and long breathing and breathing you have to take nose and remove the mouth’s path, then exercise lightly.

After a long time, you have to drink water and then drink the water as much as possible, then you will be able to save urine.

Now I tell you how you have now breakfast. To do and do what you have to do now, you have to do lots of work to be healthy,

but today, what I am telling you, make habits of all these things, then you will enjoy a healthy life.

4. morning to shower

My dear friends when you come home by exercising, do not have to do the first thing you want to do,

do not come home and sit in the breakfast before you have breakfast. It is very important that your

entire body will be full of fat and healthy, all your day will feel lightweight all day. You will feel as if you

have taken a big load from above. It is very important and it is a very unique health proposal to stay healthy,

and I will give you the same advice when you work and return home. You go to the bath and go there and you start eating well,

you have to eat well soap you will get a lot of benefits, now you will feel very lightweight yourself to stay healthy.

Every day you return from exercise, you will have to take a bath after that, make it your daily routine, make it your daily routine,

as you make a recommendation to health, make them all as usual. I would like to have a good and healthy life, I claim to you now, even if I tell you about health now, how do you now have breakfast? I have to do it

5. breakfast

My dear and dear friends are now working and have taken your nose after you have taken a bath, you

will feel hungry so now it turns out that you have to have breakfast but the more your friends will feel

hungry I would have had a pathetic breakfast and it forgot you a big mistake. Friends breakfast you have

to lightweight and try breakfast Breakfast you can fry Apart, apart from this you can eat a number of

proteins but also I What you are advising you have to lighten the breakfast more breakfast do not you

do not have to make breakfast more abdominal if you have a stomach breakfast If then you will have a bad effect on

health and you can harm a huge amount of damage by the stomach, which will result in obesity over which your body

will look very bad. Light up your friends’ breakfast and try to eat fruits because you eat the fruit you eat, will be a lot of benefits. My dear dear friends Some people make breakfast or you people who are fat Obesity,

ask them yourself how much you do breakfast, will tell you that we do breakfast throughout the womb, which causes

obesity to them. For the breakfast you have to lightweight and friends, if you understand my article then tell me if you make a mistake below and tell me this too, I would be very thankful to you now. Let us tell you next step in the next step

6. Lunch

After my sweet friends, after breakfast, you will go to your job or go to your office, or you will go there,

whatever you do, you will engage in your work. Now you have to have lunch, friends Some people eat

lunch too much, eat for a long time, should not do so when it is full afternoon then you should eat and

eat food as well. You have told you not to eat food throughout your stomach, but you have to leave a

little hungry and leave the meal full of stomach. You may take a lot of diseases by eating it, so my friends

advise you when you start a meal, then when you feel that there is a little hunger left now, then you can

leave the food when you eat food. You should take a little while in the afternoon and you should ask a

doctor to have lunch while you have to eat, then you should take a while sleep longer

longer sleep. Not enough to take lightly cheap, it is very important to take too much zinc so that if you want to sleep you can take sleep if you do not get sleepy.

Still no matter but you do not eat food in your stomach, leave a little bit of space and leave the food. It is very important for health.

7. Eat evening

Let us tell you about what my dear friends will eat in the evening, now I am not going to tell you what

you eat, but I’m going to tell you how much you will eat and food. What you have to do after eating,

friends, when you eat your meals and meals, I do not even eat food full of stomach before you eat a little

bit in the stomach. After eating a meal, you should take a walk out for a while. It’s a meal evening after

telling you you have dinner. It is necessary for a while to take a walk after a child, it is necessary to take

at least one step. You can ask any doctor if a doctor proves that I am a liar, then your shoes and my head

are your shoes. Kill my head because I’m not telling you any wrong thing Now friends I tell you about

health tips, if you make them all normal in your life, I hope you have a health You will have a happy life

and hope that you have to understand all my words today. Now friends want to tell one thing and tell

me always work good. Stay away and stay away from the bad people, because Awkward remembers

everyone, if you die by doing well, people will remember you after the death too, in good words you will remember Do good work well with other people, friends If you like this article, then share this article with me on Facebook and Twitter This is a small thank you thank you


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