what is fiverr and how to make money on fiverr rong no1

what is Fiverr and how to make money on Fiverr Hello, my dear and dear friends today I will tell

you how to earn money from the freelancer website.

If you are free, you do not have any work, do not have a job, then I will tell you how you How to Make Money Millions Of Money From The Internet

Can Make Money Friends Friends are very easy There are thousands of ways to make

money from the Internet and I will tell you about all the ways through which you can earn money from the internet.

My dear and a dear friend if you do not have a job then you do not have to worry about this

the problem of your Internet Now you will be working on the Internet and employ your

favorite and earn money,

what is Fiverr

maybe you’re surprised to hear this, but that’s true I first want to thank you.

I’m glad to visit you at the dancing website.

I am deeply pleased with your heart,

my dear and dear friends will tell you more about how to make money on the Internet,

but on YouTube, people will tell you more ways Can not follow all the methods because some of them are fake;

I will tell you a way through which you If you are unemployed,

you do not have a job, then you will only have to spend five minutes on my website.

This article will be helpful.

You must read if you can not give me this article for five minutes then you can not even earn money from the Internet because the person who does not have five minutes of time does what they need for a job.what is fiverr how to create a gig on Fiverr

1 .what is Fiverr and how to make money on Fiverr

My friends whose website you earn money will be Fiverr and you’ll earn money from Fiverr

if it’s Fiverr so I’ll tell you Fiverr is a freelance website you have on your website

Interestingly, you can earn money by doing web designing, or you have to make a

website or you have a very long list of logo design graphic design video editing etc.

It’s a little skill that you can design a card if you want to design the cards that are used in the wedding.

You can earn money by working on this Fiverr freelancer website

You have enough questions that I will give you

  • How to earn Fiverr money?
  • what is Fiverr
  • What will you do on the Fiverr site?


My dear friends need things to work on Fiverr First of all you need to be a computer or a laptop, besides the internet, you should have now a skill now You must have

I tell you the category, according to that you can show your skills, except if you do not

have any skills, you can also earn money from Fiverr, for this, you read our second article.

In the article, we have fully explained how you can earn money from Fiverr without any skill. click here

Now I tell you how you will earn money from fiverr

2 .how to work from fiverr


what is Fiverr,how to make money on Fiverr

My favorite and good friends, the photo you are watching, is the image of the Fiverr website and you will earn money by working on the same website, but what you will do

and how you will do it will tell you and this website The name is Fiverr,

what’s the work and what you can do,

I’ll tell you first, I’ll tell you the website’s content if you have any skills within that list.

If you are an expert in any of these skills, then you can not stop making money from the internet.

1Logo Design
2Brand Style Guides
3Game Design
4Graphics for Streamers
Business Cards & Stationery
7Brochure Design
8Poster Design
9Flyer Design
10Book & Album Covers
11Packaging Design
13Web & Mobile Design
14Menu Design
15Postcard Design
16Catalog Design
17Social Media Design
18Portraits & Caricatures
19Cartoons & Comics
20Car Wraps
21Banner Ads
22Photoshop Editing
23Architecture & Floor Plans
24Character Modeling
253D Models & Product Design
26T-Shirts & Merchandise
27Presentation Design
28Infographic Design
29Vector Tracing
31Twitch Store
32Social Media Marketing
34Content Marketing
35Video Marketing
36Email Marketing
39Marketing Strategy
41Web Analytics
42Influencer Marketing
43Local Listings
44Domain Research
45E-Commerce Marketing
46Mobile Advertising
47Music Promotion
48Web Traffic
49Articles & Blog Posts
50Resumes & Cover Letters
51Technical Writing
53Creative Writing
54Research & Summaries
55Sales Copy
56Press Releases
58Legal Writing
59Email Copy
60Business Names & Slogans
61Website Content
63Book & eBook Writing
64Product Descriptions
66Beta Reading
67Proofreading & Editing
68Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
69Video Editing
70Short Video Ads
Animated GIFs
71Logo Animation
72Intros & Outros
73Live Action Explainers
74Character Animation
753D Product Animation
76Lyric & Music Videos
77Spokespersons Videos
78Visual Effects
79Animation for Kids
80Slideshows & Promo Videos
81Game Trailers
82Animation for Streamers
83Product Photography
84Voice Over
85Mixing & Mastering
86Producers & Composers
88Session Musicians & Singers
89Podcast & Spoken-Word Editing
90Vocal Tuning
91Jingles & Drops
92Sound Effects
94Website Builders & CMS
95Game Development
96Web Programming
98Mobile Apps & Web
99Desktop applications
100Support & IT
102Data Analysis & Reports
103Convert Files
105User Testing
106Virtual Assistant
108Data Entry
108Market Research
109Product Research
110Business Plans
111Branding Services
112Legal Consulting
113Financial Consulting
114Business Tips
116Career Advice
117Flyer Distribution
118Lead Generation
118Online Lessons
119Arts & Crafts
120Relationship Advice
121Health, Nutrition & Fitness
122Astrology & Readings
123Spiritual & Healing
124Family & Genealogy
126Greeting Cards & Videos
127Your Message On…
128Viral Videos
129Celebrity Impersonators
131Global Culture

My dear friends so much skill I’ve told you that I am surprised to hear from the list that I

have given to you only if only one of my friends and only one skill you have.

So you can earn a lot of money by sitting in a very easy home with this free lancer web site. Now let me know how you will register in this website and how you will work.

3 .how to register on fiverr


what is Fiverr,how to make money on Fiverr

First of all you will go to the Direct Fiverr by clicking on my link below and you will have

to register but register you tell me a little bit about how you will be How do I register this

you know very well that you have written your personal information, write your name,

write mail, plus password write and register, and in this website, you can use Google Plus and Facebook You can also register if you have a Google Plus account then you can

register in fiverr via Google Plus if you have facebook Account, then you can register via Facebook click here how to create a gig on Fiverr

4 .how to create a gig on Fiverr

4 .how to create a gig on Fiverr

what is fiverr and how to make money on fiverr-min

My dear friends, as you look at the above picture, people are introducing through their service gig, so you also need to create your own gig,

which people will order to you and you will get money then you get money.

But how do you make the gig will also tell you, the first thing we’ve marked in the picture is to click here.

what is fiverr

type title and choose a category and choose tags Hi, my dear friends, as you are looking

at in the picture, First of all, you will write the title you will introduce to the people you are providing and use categories and tags for your service.

what is fiverr


My dear and good friends This station is very important, in this page you will tell your client how many days you will complete the order, and how much money will you receive

in return, and most importantly if the client Let me tell you that I should start working

mean that you are making a website and you make a website in a week and take money.

I am giving you an example so the client should tell me this only Make a web site in 3 days then how much money you will receive is meant to tell you the complete detail in this page.

what is fiverr and how to make money on fiverr

In this page, you will be able to tell people about your services with a complete description of what services you are giving. I give you an example, for example,

you are giving the service to the website. So on this page, you will tell people that you will

make the web site at home or on the word press, or the PHP goal is to tell you the details of your service.how to create a gig on Fiverr

what is fiverr and how to make money on fiverr
what is fiverr and how to make money on fiverr

Friends Now in this page if you want to keep any terms and conditions then you can tell people in this page if you do not want to keep any terms and conditions then you can jump and go to the next page.

what is fiverr and how to make money on fiverr

My dear and good friends This is the last page now upload videos on YouTube like any

video or any photo you’re providing now and put your thumbnails on your video as well.

Here you have to upload a photo or video and finish your work here, then you will start receiving orders when the order starts to start, the money will begin and when the money

starts to come Then how happy you will be, you can not describe someone you can not tell anyone because they can only feel happiness because they are happy how to create a gig on Fiverr

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