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how to make money on youtube 2019 step by step full guide for beginners

how to make money on youtube 2019 step by step full guide for beginners We will tell you today in full detail how you  can earn money on YouTube they will tell you all the way you can earn a million rupees per


month, how to make money on  how to make money on youtube

There are millions of people around the world who are making money on YouTube,

  the simplest way but not to work hard on YouTube on how to earn money from youtube

how to earn money from youtube how to earn money from youtube by uploading

videos how to earn from youtube.

how to earn money from youtube

how to make money on youtube 2019 step by step full guide for beginnersHi Friends, We will tell you today in full detail. how you can earn money on YouTube, they will tell you all the way you can earn a million rupees per month.
There are millions of people around the world who are making money on YouTube, the simplest way. but not to work hard on YouTube, Because YouTube is a very easy source of earning, everyone is making money from YouTube,
So why you can not earn money from YouTube Today we will explain . to you that every common man has read and every man who has not read, how can he earn money from YouTube, how to make money off youtube full guide

Now you have come to this question in the mind of people who are able to earn money from those who read this.

So my dear friends do not need any degree or work to work on YouTube. you do not need any kind of recommendation to work on YouTube,
You will not have to pay any bribe to work on YouTube,
Although you normally have seen people. think you guys know this well, whether they are a job or whether they are a private job. recommend a very capable man to get the job first. Needs, how to make money online


And this is not the end of the work, you have to bribe to get a job. because of which unemployment in the whole world has exceeded the limit,

That’s why I already told you that there is no need for any degree or education to work on YouTube,
You must have passion and madness to work on YouTube and have to give a little time to you.how to make money off youtube full guide

earn money from youtube

every day you guys will give YouTube every day if you want to work on YouTube You’ll read 2 hours daily for friends every day,
then you will get money from YouTube, Friends know you well that people who are. unemployed are looking for daily on the Internet that they get jobs,
But my dear friends have got so much fraud on the Internet. people talk to this website and invest so much money then you’ll get money from the internet,
Friends have been doing so much jelly work.
There are many people who are fooling people. because people do the same on Google with the fate that somehow gets an online job.
But when they get cheated in place of place, in such a way they lose their dreams of losing money from the Internet. so write to my dear friends,
for this writing, and writing for those who are absolute y innocent. There are jobs that do not have to work so that they come and earn money from the Internet,
friends, first of all,
read this one of my words completely, so that you can understand how you earn money from the Internet.
paisa kamane ka sabse aasan tarika
Now let me tell you how to make money from YouTube. whether the money that comes from the YouTube video gives them money,
Or those who pay video after watching the video pay their money, Or the more people pay the video to see the video,
Or who gives the money to the people below the video after watching the video.
In fact, I tell you,
for the first time, you know what you need for people, what money YouTube makes.
the video gives you more money to upload or as I mentioned above.
how to make money off youtube full guide

My dear friends YouTube does not give money for money nor does not give money. for the commissions nor does it make money on video tiger.

Friends often will see you when you play a video on YouTube . an advertisement comes in front of you before the video played. an ad comes to you that you start running. ad two or three seconds or so Then the greatest of five seconds is an ad.
then the video starts. it does not end when you’re watching a video, you’ll see an ad on the site and you also have an ad at the top of the video.
It will be seen to see that the AIDS video comes up, YouTube gives money to AIDS. Now
your friends will think that how much money is this to AIDS’s money. What is the game that is happening here? I do not understand what AIDS comes from, on YouTube’s videos.
the AIDS Google AdSense based on Google Adsense’s AIDS YouTube videos. If you see, then the owner of this video gets money now. what is this AIDS and Google AdSense, because this will tell you about.
everything in this article in your friends so that you does not have problems or problems with friends. Let’s now tell you about advertisements and Google AdSense, how to earn money from youtube by uploading videos

What is Google AdSense?

Now I’ll let you know what Google AdSense is Do Friends often when you travel. you sit in your car or if you do not have your car then you are sitting in someone. else’s car and you travel If your friends are.


often banners on the left side of the road, or on the right side, or sometimes on both sides. who are advertising, for example? if you are traveling, if you are a highway one Look at the top, you’ll often see


some advertisement. must have been in a company with them . company’s advertising advisory for example. The wholesale cloth is available or the shoes ar adorned or advertised with vehicles. there is a


company which is selling their cars in very low rates. so that more advertisements would have taken more advertisements. If you are businessmen.

advertisements take advertisements that are very difficult for you. to advertise in the city and village. in villages. so they give their advertisements to Google and call Google.to advertise our company. For


Google AdSense, it takes money from them, now the job is Google Adsense’s AdSense Adsense ads. But on the websites of people displays and showing advertisements that owns the web site. some part


means the amount of money. to the website owner that displays the advertisements on their website. as well as on YouTube Videos ar uploaded, for example. the ads that you see on the video, some of the


advertisements. that come up to you, ar given some money to the owner of the video that you are watching the video owner. People who make money on YouTube are . now talking about how people are earning money on YouTube and YouTube videos.

youtube earning

must have been in a . The advertising that comes out is the same as the money. and the money does not get any money .nor subscribers get money only. and the more you .click on the advertisement and click
on the advertisement, you click. You will read the advertisement so much you will get money, It is not a matter that you can earn money through Google AdSense only and. more and more are available on the
Internet. but Google AdSense is an AdWords network that gives the most of the money. so more people about 70% of people use Google AdSense and earn money through Google AdSense,
I will tell you all the ways that you can earn money on YouTube. not only Google Adsense but also to make money through YouTube too much to make money.
how to earn money from youtube how to make money online

channel ideas for beginners

youtube views to money

Now you have understood your friend, what YouTube does the rest of the way. the way I’ll tell you to make money from YouTube. so we currently understand. how to make a channel on YouTube and make money How have you earned?
First of all. you should have an Idea that what your friends have to make a channel .on what is the skill that you can show on YouTube. on which.topic you will make your videos on which you have your own
Will make a youtube channel. Here. friends tell you one thing, people often think that and keep searching. on Google on which topic we make YouTube’s channel and made a video, but that’s not what Google is
searching for. Now you will say that this is not what the person is saying. Friendship Tops is inside you Yes. my friends on the top of the YouTube video on which YouTube is going to make the skill you’re
paisa kamane ka sabse aasan tarika
inside. Understand yourself because there is one person who can do it well. nobody else can do it like that.

youtube channel ideas for beginners

Understand this skill because the skill hidden inside you, then why are you searching it on Google. My dear friends,
here I give you an example I have one thing I do a job now, what work do I do for the meanwhile. what work do I do in the office when I go to the job. Friends there I design T-shirts and paint them and I have
a lot of skill in this skill and
I can do it very well. Now if I have to work on YouTube. then I need to know which type of shirt and painted design on YouTube. By showing a newer new design daily. people
shown to them may also have a good chance to. earn people and also order me to design T-shirts and I’ll. start getting money besides YouTube.It will become a new ideology. so I say I know the skills that I
have inside, take it out.
Here I give you some more example, for example, you can make video editing, you can adjust wedding movies.
So you are the ones you can teach people to use whatever .you have the ability. to show on your skills on YouTube that you do on YouTube. make your own videos on your own and upload it to YouTube.
Now, in some people’s mind. it is a question that a computer should be a computer to work on YouTube. how much the rim should be inside, how much the hardware should be.

youtube for computer

youtube for computer

Friends Who should be a computer to work on YouTube Most often you have seen friends who are working on YouTube. what they suggest.


They suggest new people. brothers, take one thousand or two thousand dollars a computer and work on YouTube. apart from this, if you take a small computer.

then you will get more difficulties. Friendship is ab wrong. there is no need to take too much high-level computers to work on YouTube.


. when you’re going to start working on YouTube for the first time. then you do not have to buy more expensive computers yes. But you may need it, how to make money online

but it will. be needed when you become so famous on YouTube. you will be on a high height of reputation and you will have earned lots of money on YouTube. Then, as much as you want to get a computer.

but if you’re. just.starting. then I would advise your friends that never buy more expensive computers. There is no need to waste money.


buy a simple computer that thinks it will be estimated to be 120 or $ 150. so you will get it and work enough to work on YouTube. Is. Friends never talk about such people. they cheat only and just cheat.

Do not always believe

Do not always believe in those people when you guys do not know so much about. YouTube so much that you do not know so much about YouTube.
so I’ll give you advice on your friends that your friends Take a computer. that you can work with friends when you start earning money from YouTube.
and then get the computer as expensive as possible because I do not want to lose myself because of me. Always remember one thing to value the value of money.
because it is very difficult to earn money then you can tell friends on it. Camera to make videos on YouTube which used to be.

youtube videos for camera

youtube videos for camera

Many people say that take these cameras to make YouTube videos. I’ve already told you that new people who .start working new. do not need to waste money on YouTube.


and on YouTube No more need to buy more expensive cameras to work. Now you will say. if you have a question in your mind.


then let’s buy a computer and buy some money. but the cameras should be good because the video has to record.


the camera if it does not get good. Then the video will not have fun. Friends. I tell you one thing when I started working on YouTube.

I started recording videos from the mobile and started uploading to YouTube. Friends are not required

paisa kamane ka sabse aasan tarika

to buy cameras because of a very good camera. is inside your mobile phone because the market is so. good today.coming in the market whose camera is very good. so I will give you the same advice.

Do not waste your money in waste how uploading a video to the camera by uploading a video to


YouTube. Now all these things have I told you. I have told you about what was about YouTube Now how to work on YouTube.

How to make a YouTube channel how to upload videos. to YouTube, for friends. first of all, you have a number of Gmail friends Accounting required.

how to make a Gmail account

create a Gmail account


Why do friends need to be a Gmail account? First of all. without a Gmail account, you can not make a channel on YouTube and.
you will be connected through Gmail and ads. on your YouTube channel via Gmail Will displayed.
Now some people say that Syrian people make a Gmail account soon as soon as possible. so do not let friends know you need to make Gmail understand as much as you think.
Now your mind will have a question about what it is to think and understand.
yes, the point of view is that on the top of which you are going to make your YouTube channel.
Those who named. you can make YouTube’s channel your own Gmail account as well because. you will create a Gmail account by name you are about to make a YouTube channel. The channel of your YouTube will develop very.
and will grow so much as you can not even exclude your video. There are many benefits.
That’s why I will give you advice from friends. the first thing to do is create a Gmail account, write the name you are writing to your YouTube channel.

How YouTube is now created.

How YouTube is now created. it’s forgotten that all the friends forgot how to create a Gmail account because some people do not even have. to create a Gmail account, for friends. first of all, you have to open the browser.
Take and open the mail there and search the first link that will link to it by clicking. on the Open page, then it will be the sign-up button after you open it.
click on it and then open a new page. Will, There you have to write your name there to write your phone number and. write a password and passwords should be.
too stringent and passwords should b remembered that you. do not forget the password you friends when you are friends This will become a mail account. and I’ll let you know what to do. 

how to create a youtube channel


Now your friends have created. a number of Gmail accounts. then how to make YouTube’s channel first, open any browser you use. then search. YouTube on YouTube and open YouTube. After YouTube is a


sign-in button inside YouTube. click on and click on the friend’s friends you’ve created. Friends are not registered within YouTube. Registering in YouTube For signing in. with a Gmail account.I had told you to


create the first. Gmail account when you sign in. So YouTube will be in front of you with a different viewpoint.

Now as friends show up in the picture above. like you have to click on the channel, friends, we’ve made some marks in the picture for your ease.


Seeing them, you will find friends where My Channel has written. now you. have to create your own channel, then click on the channel to create a channel, then a new page will open in front of you. We also show you the picture.



Now friends have made a number of channels on YouTube. friends tell me one thing if you read my friend completely well.


then you will never have any problems with friends of friends. You will tell friends all the way to YouTube’s privacy and YouTube support.

Friends as we have shown you in the picture exactly where we have marked. your friends have to write their channel name.


Write whatever. you want to write your channel name and click on the chat channel and then your channel will become.

Now your friends have made a channel. and then some of the channels have to be set up because working on YouTube.

It’s not enough to make a. channel and start uploading the video now and more.that’s what I tell you to friends.make money 

how to add channel art on youtube


Now that’s the channel art. friends are often watching videos of your favorite choice on YouTube. if your friends love video more and more. then you go to the channel of the video of the video that is on the channel. When you go to a friend channel.


you have enough beautiful design designs on the front. and quite good and beautiful and very good. photographs, the person who has the channel, is also photographed and also. the channel of the channel. It is written.

Friends. This is very important Channel Art is the benefit of any slave who. comes to your channel will feel that you are doing a professional.


work that will make your channel progress. and give a subscription to a friendly channel. It is very important that in the communication you will. write what kind of videos you upload on this.

channel that will benefit. so I say it was nice and beautiful to make a photo first to make your channel art


After all, make a number. logo designs which will be your channel and write the write-up of a friendly. friendly friend’s license. That’s why I say it will help you channel your channel.

how to upload a video on youtube


My favorite friends all this setting when you turn it off. first of all, you have to create a video of your favorite video upload.


What Icon video is to create from this camera. I’ve told you when the video you created. upload it to YouTube, click on the upload button on YouTube. click on the link where your video is on. After that, your video will start uploading.


Friends always remember one thing and YouTube says it. whenever the video uploads. upload them in private mode or upload it in the list mode.


it’s as if you want to set up your video. Are you able to relax when you’ve? uploaded the video after it’s filled with the title and tags and more.


of the settings of the setup, I’ll tell you all the one by one I want to know? When you upload a video


you can record your video, there is a little bit of setting to rank the video on YouTube. First comes down to how heavy is the title of the title.

how to create a name on youtube


Friends, you are thinking, what difficult task is to make a friend. this is a very difficult task. because about 60 percent of the hundred will rank due to your video title.

My favorite friend’s video title Find your video’s rated title. on the first find Take YouTube Look at how people have been. titled their videos to other people,


My goal is not to copy the copy of the other people. It is to explain to me that the way people have given the title, you too well expand the title.

So I have a suggestion of your friends if your friends want to rank their video. on YouTube, then your

video title should always. be a bit longer and the video title should be a bit tall and search on YouTube. Your title and your title According to that.

copy the more and more subtitles and get the word from the title fields by mixing their words and making a title. that is the first one of your videos in the same way as you search. Think about the title.

This is a very important thing for friends to be. given after giving a title.

how to create a description on youtube videos


My dear friends have often seen what new people on YouTube started to upload videos. to YouTube at the start of the beginning. they do not give up, may.be you do not know this video without YouTube.


That’s why communication is a video. of the video as long as you write about the video in the. video below in the archive.

but your video will not be. ranked. but sometimes it happens without the documentation and video of no tags. Ranks, but the video runs for a few days. then goes down to YouTube’s first-page view. For example.

if you search YouTube on How to YouTube videos. the first number of videos you get. look at that video is my teacher,

how beautiful it is in this video. Check out the bar.

When you completely put video title and video subscription in a very beautiful way. then your video will rank on YouTube’s first page.

Now friends Ask questions What’s written in Friends Friends. First and foresee your friend’s video title by copying someone and paste them into the database.

Then write about the video in the. video that the video is. made and what’s inside the video and try to use the breaks. to break them into your subscription. I am and about your video rankings.

And links to all. your social media accounts on the link are all the links in the video’s link. What are these tags of tags?

how to generate youtube videos for tags

Beware of my favorite friends B in the same way as communication. video is. known, why without tags. are tagged by YouTube. because YouTube can recognize your video. Todd will not search for your video.

title but will search for words. use what are the keywords in YouTube’s videos to record your video. It is important that friends who are telling you. friends, if you follow them, then I can say with a claim that you.

The money you can earn after two or three months of YouTube. I do not mind my thoughts, and then friends are some other settings that you still have to do.

youtube end screen annotations


You can get a lot of money with friends, this is what you have to do. Now that is how it will be beneficial. Sorry, I have told you how to do it now.

Uploaded to YouTube, put them on your video and screen. whatever people watch your video.

then your second video will be. played for automotive, that will benefit you more. All things have been. done more than 200, then use the card in your video card after five seconds after adding a card.

it also gets good development. Move your channel will rank very soon I hope that you liked this article. to all my friends, my friends. if you like the article, then I definitely liked our Facebook page.

youtube partner program


What is my favorite friend YouTube Partner Program? This Friendship Partner Program is until your channel has. four thousand hours of watch time and one thousand subscribers will not be able to be.

enabled unless your friends compile it. It means to tell how to subscribe a thousand subscribers.

and how to watch the clock time of four. thousand hours, let’s tell you some ways. in the friends that you follow if you follow your channel as soon as possible. 1000 subscribers and four thousand hours watch time will be. compiled.

make money online just like share job

How To Complete 1000 Subscribers + 4000 WatchTime

To subscribe to a thousand subscribers on YouTube and compile 4,000 hours. you share your videos on social media. Social media is very powerful.
Share your video on Facebook as well as a tiger on. Twitter then share on the Wats app and make your own an online badge on Facebook.
Then friends, social media. share their videos as much as you share. so much your voices will come.

make money online just like share job

And watch the page on your Twitter link to a Facebook page. which is exactly what your topic is. based on, make your video available.
Friends in one thing configure you. if your top content is good If your video content is good, then whatever. the channel will come. you will definitely subscribe to your channel.

How To Complete 1000 Subscribers + 4000 WatchTime

The other way is friends. There is a separate list of training videos you have seen on YouTube. if it has 1 separate page. then try the videos that are going to be the most trendy for them to make videos


according to them. When you pick up the top and make a video on it. then I hope again, your videos and subscribers will be. compiled soon. Try to make a video on your own.

How To Complete 1000 Subscribers + 4000 WatchTime

Next method is that friends play Promote your video. through Google AdWords, if you want 1000.

subscribers to your YouTube channel and watch for a time of four. thousand hours a compilation in a week.


then you can add your videos to. Google AdWords. Promote through Google Give. Money to Your Video That will help you compile and subscribe to your subscribers. I. think everything you need on youtube will be in.


everything I have told you now friends dear friends, please contact my Facebook page. I am very grateful to you if my fees Like the page. then you will need Comment below and tell it like my post please thank you.